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Gaydar Blog
12 January 2018

After the huge success of the Gaydar Meets at Winterville, we are back for the first Gaydar Meets instalment of 2018, so on Friday 26th of January we’re going to meet up at the Turbine Hall entrance (on Holland Street) of the Tate Modern. There is a DJ from 6pm-10pm.

Who doesn’t like some good taste and sexy artistic mind? Well, if that’s what you’re after, Tate Modern lates seems like the right place to start looking! Whether you’re single, a couple, a thruple, looking for fun, friends, or still getting over your exes, at the Tate Modern, all our attention turns to art… until some dashing gentleman takes it away from you. Let’s drink, let’s mingle and let’s be gay and be inspired. Everyone is welcome!

Once we’ve all quenched our thirst for art, time to tackle another type of thirst. We’ll all end up at the Founder’s Arms for drinks and a bite, then perhaps some boogie elsewhere for those with yet some thirst to address.

To help each other stand out once we’re at the venue, between 7:00 and 7:30 the Gaydar Team will be at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall entrance offering discreet badges for a small donation.

Will you be joining us? Let us know on Facebook or comment below! 

Comments (6)

  1. Avatar Hugo Haig-Thomas says:

    When I joined Gaydar several years ago, Gaydar and I entered into a contract whereby, in return for remuneration from me, ie my subscription, Gaydar would provide certain services. When Gaydar introduced the new Gaydar, several of these service were discontinued, even though members continued to pay for them. Gaydar is therefore IN BREACH OF CONTRACT.
    I know that many members feel the same and are considering what action is open to them to take against Gaydar for breach of contract.
    I would appreciate your comments on this.
    Hugo Haig-Thomas

  2. Avatar Ross says:

    London-centric! Why not put on an event at the Baltic, let Londoners travel north for a change.

  3. Avatar Michael peacock says:

    Looking forward very much to this event – meeting guys in the ‘REAL WORLD’!



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