We’re bringing sexy back… to our gay chat rooms (updated)

Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis
26 December 2017

One of the things Gaydar has been famous for is our gay chat rooms.  They’ve been the best place on the internet to meet guys, swap stories and share your fantasies.  Sadly, in an effort to broaden our appeal to bring more people to the site, we took away some of the fun of our gay chat rooms. Well not anymore.

We asked you to let us know what improvements you’d like us to make and the number one request was for more sex-themed gay chat rooms.

So as a 2017 Christmas gift to our members we’ve brought back some of our cheekiest and sexiest gay chat rooms Gaydar has offered over the years.  They’re already amongst our most popular so if you haven’t checked them out yet go to https://www.gaydar.net/chat/community

The new chat rooms!

The new (returning) chat rooms are below.

– Bondage

– Big Cocks

– CP/Spanking

– Daddy/Son

– Domination

– Group Sex

– Hairy Men

– Leather

– Master/Slave

– Naturists

– Phone Sex

– Small Penis

– Daddies & Toyboys

– Watersports

– Webcams

UPDATE: the Cyber and Pig rooms has been added by user request!

Tell your friends! 

Our gay chat rooms are the perfect place to find gay dates, gay cam, gay phone sex, gay fetish chats and all kinds of gay sex chats.  But that’s not all, our classic rooms include gay culture, fashion, cooking, bears and local chats.  In 2018 we will also be changing the way our local gay chat rooms are organised so that you can chat with gay guys near you.  If you have a suggestion please add a comment below.

Sex is an important part of life whether you’re single or in a relationship.  And we should be free to enjoy it however we like, including online.  So get online and get off by going to https://www.gaydar.net/chat/community.

Remember: The more people we have online the better our chat rooms are.  So tell your friends by clicking the Share buttons below.



Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis

Rob is Gaydar’s Managing Director. Rob is a keen advocate of LGBT issues and has appeared on the BBC, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Instinct and O Globo (Brazil) tackling HIV stigma. Rob spent his career in consultancy and finance until October when he was hired as the new MD to define and implement Gaydar’s new vision to connect people from all spectrums of the LGBT+ community, online and offline.


Comments (15)

  1. Avatar Rob says:

    Just want some fun

  2. Avatar Jonathan says:

    Can we also have a cyber sex rate room. These new rooms are welcome but tend to be for people looking for these activities. Why were all the old rooms removed

  3. Avatar paul lobley says:

    yes, good show, i welcome return of some of chat rooms, including the much missed CYBER where guys could chat and fantasise, but restored rooms now not being used much yet now as many old users have departed GAYDAR as a dead loss since the revamp and it used to be such a good site. how about restoring PIGS or something similar as well. there were always loads of guys on there.

  4. Avatar Ersin Cayan says:

    I look forward to these chat rooms
    As I get to meet all different types of sexy men to satisfy my hunger for the thing I crave the most, a hunky strapping gay guy like myself, servicing me with his massive c**k, then letting me return the favour.

  5. Avatar Chris Thomson says:

    I have to say, I was the first to whinge when the first revamp destroyed GD, but it is nice to see you are listening and trying to restore GD to its glory days. The biggest loss in my opinion is the facility to write ‘notes’ on a guys profile that only you can see. When GD was relaunched I lost names, address, phone numbers, email addresses, even daft notes like ‘what he’s into’ or ‘nutter!’… really useful stuff all lost overnight. I was a paying member, my membership lapsed at christmas, I may pay again (I hope I do) but certainly not yet.

    • Rob Curtis Rob Curtis says:

      Hey Chris – I appreciate the feedback. I’ve only been here 12 weeks so while it’ll take a bit of time it’s good to see that it’s noticeable!

      We had to take away those details as they’re no longer compliant with EU legislation (i.e. anyone could request that we provide any data held on them, and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate knowing that you thought they were a “nutter” or had their addresses etc). It’s a shame, I’m sure that was quite handy!

      • Avatar Chris Thomson says:

        Thank you for explaining that – I asked GD why the ‘notes’ feature had been taken away and if would be restored and the reply was simply ‘we take on board your feedback’ and nothing further happened – if GD had only explained why the feature was removed (and better still given advance notice so that members could retrieve the info before it was deleted), then most people would have been understanding.

        I also contacted CPC Connect and was completely ignored.

        Incidentally, my membership lapsed in December 2017 and I have not received any ‘thanks for your custom, would i like to renew?’ invitation.

  6. Avatar David says:

    Bring back circumcised and physical exam rooms.

  7. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your site!

  8. Avatar Magnolia says:

    Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

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