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15 December 2017

GaydarRadio returns. We’ve got more music to get your weekend started. Today we’re being taken over by DJ Matt Bogard.

How did Matt Bogard arrive on the DJ scene? How did you make a name for yourself?

My first gig was in 2011 at Room Service in Soho; a mutual friend put me in contact with the team behind it and they gave me a shot after I sent over a mix. As a young and naïve newbie to the London scene, I didn’t really realise how big of a deal it was to play for them.

I will always be very grateful for those first few bookings in that club. It is where I was seen and heard by other DJs and promoters, then asked to play at other clubs and brands across London soon after. My journey has just continued from then and my style has evolved up until the present day really. I truly love to DJ and am very grateful for everything I have accomplished. I honestly never even dreamt about getting to play professionally when I started to learn 16 years ago, let alone play abroad like in the last couple of years. I started out for the love of music and I feel very lucky indeed for the life I have now within the scene.

What is a typical weekend like for Matt Bogard?

If I am playing on Friday, it’s straight home from work, eat, shower and head out pretty much. I try to get my music ready during the week so I’m not too rushed before a gig. Saturday I try to get my ass to the gym but that doesn’t always happen. Sundays are to rest and prepare for another working week. People often say, ‘you work a lot, how do you do it?’, but honestly, I don’t class DJing as work. It’s my passion and it’s something I would do regardless.

If I’m not working, I’m catching up with family and friends. There are lots of very special people in my life and I try to make as much effort as possible to see them. It’s also a nice break from the constant club lifestyle that you get used too.

What style of music do you think is most popular in gay clubs at the moment? How do you stand out from that crowd?

The scene has changed a lot since I started. People seem to be a lot more open to listening and dancing to different styles of music. For me this is great as I personally play a wide range of styles all falling under the ‘House’ genre. Anything from Tech house to Progressive, Deep house to more chilled tracks, basically if I like it, I will play it!  My SoundCloud page is a testament to this and although criticised at first for not having a specific ‘sound’, I stuck to my guns and decided to just do ‘me’.

Ever since I started, I have just played from the heart. I play for the crowd but also for myself and think my history of ‘genre hopping’ growing up helps my style and song choice stand out. I’ve always been a sucker for a good bass line and when the club system is pumping I use that to my advantage.

Matt Bogard

Matt Bogard

Before you achieved your fame, who was your DJ Idol?

I had three favourite DJs before I started playing professionally, all from the Drum and Bass scene. Andy C, DJ Hype and DJ Marky were all incredible. I would go and watch them play in clubs like Fabric, The End, and Matter in awe! I once saw DJ Marky put a cigarette pack under the tone arm on the deck he was using, which held the vinyl in place, he then picked up the deck, tuned it upside down and started to scratch on it. My mates and I literally went CRAZY! I really want to go and see these guys play again but finding time when you want to play out yourself is sometimes tricky.

Bit cheeky but… What music would you listen to with company… With the lights out?

Hmmm…. tough choice and I guess it all depends on the person, environment and mood but in general I think it will be something very chilled like this amazing track by Phaeleh called Afterglow. It lets you drift away and with company it would be awesome! It’s a personal favourite for these moments.

Matt Bogard

Matt Bogard

Where will we find Matt Bogard over New Years?

I am playing for the Chique London team at their NYE White Party at the Golden Bee in Shoreditch. If you fancy something different and exciting grab a ticket and come join me. The venue is awesome with an amazing roof terrace, there are 7 other DJs to be announced soon and loads of amazing performers to keep you entertained.

NYD I am playing for the launch party of the brand new LGBTQ clubbing brand called HOUSE WERK London. This is a brand new monthly house night bringing you world’s biggest names in house music to our scene. Headlining the launch event is the amazing Blonde who will be joined by myself, Sam Londt, Zach Burns and Jodie Harsh. It’s set to be an incredible party and the start of something super exciting.

Lets wrap up with a few quick questions…

Which track can you absolutely not miss from any DJ set?

This changes from month to month, and with what style I play, so it’s hard to choose just one. I haven’t spoken about the more progressive sounding stuff I play for WE Party and Matinee so let’s go for a knock out track from that genre, Charlie Puth – Attention (Thomas Solvert remix)

Which track will you be starting off your next set with?

Paul Morrell vs Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (somn3um remix)

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