There’s just something about a guy fawning over a big, clumsy puppy that just really makes us weak at the knees. Just us? Well there are some serious perks of dating a dog lover, or animal lover in general…

They have a sense of responsibility

Most dog owners will tell you owning a dog can be like owning a permanent toddler. They need love, attention and daily walks and all that responsibility can make for a more mature partner. There’s nothing more attractive than a confident man who can take care of something and who feels comfortable openly showing affection.


That affection will reflect on you

Providing you like the dog too, dog lovers have a ton of affection and love for their precious pets and surrounding themselves with that much love means that more often than not, that love carries over to you as well. Particularly if you show affection to the dog, they’ll be smitten for you.


You’ll have a more active lifestyle

Life with a dog owner includes walking, lots of it. While initially this might sound like a big chore and too much work, it can actually be fun and have many advantages. If you often find yourself being called to the wild outdoors, dating a dog lover is perfect. Think romantic hikes and picnics in the park. Just don’t let the dog steal all the food.


They are more attractive. Maybe

Okay, this one might be subjective. There are, however, several surveys that have been carried out which suggest that people tend to find dog owners more attractive – 60% to be exact. Who know!?


It’s easy to start a conversation with them

Let’s face it, small talk sucks when you’re bad at flirting (but if you struggle with it – read our guide to making small talk). “Oh, how about this weather” and “So what do you do for a living” have been heard before and the boring nature of them is enough to put you off even mentioning it in the first place. Cue a dog lover, you say their dog is cute, tell them you have noticed them walking in the park and before you know it, you will probably have his number. Dog lovers can talk for hours about their pets so you literally will never not have something to talk about.


They are usually laid back

Having to buy clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty while walking or having a huge dog jump all over you with muddy paws will probably mean you aren’t going to be obsessed with designer clothes or expensive art deco furniture as some others might be. Dog lovers tend to not sweat the small stuff, unless of course it comes to their dog.