It’s fair to say that at Gaydar HQ we’ve collectively been on a number of dates over the years. Even though some of us have now found partners, we still arrange date nights with our better halves. Those nights where for just three hours or more, you forget about the troubles of the day and just focus on the joy of each other.

Whether you’re on ‘date night’, on a first date with someone new or on your second, third or fourth date, try not to get distracted by what’s happening around you. Concentrate on the date and make the best impression that you can. Yes – even if you have been with this guy for five years or more… You’ll feel good for it and so will he.

We’ve put together four very easy to follow points that will always help you make a good impression, no matter what number date you’re on.


Think carefully about where you’re going

Always take into consideration the atmosphere of where you’re going. If this is your first date, choose somewhere that you know you’ll both enjoy.  You would have been speaking to this guy for some time before you decided to meet.  What information did you absorb about his likes and interests?

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you can hear each other across the table (if there is one). So perhaps a club or busy, busy bar is not the best choice… And a ‘cinema date’ is a no no for a first date. How are you going to get to know each other in there?

Find out what he likes.  If you’ve been with this guy for years, you’ll know this off by heart (hopefully).  Use this information to your advantage when selecting a venue.  Has he got a sweet tooth? Yes?! Why not try that new funky cupcake shop that actually looks like a cave on the inside. Perhaps he’s a dog lover? Borrow your friends dog and go for a walk in the park (yes, we’ve done that before!).



This pops up on numerous occasions on dates. Most dates whether they be first, second, third or three hundred and thirty third usually involve some kind of social drinking.  It’s kind of the first suggestion that pops into our heads. ‘I’m going on a date. Where shall I tell him to meet me? Ah – that new bar on the river’

We’re not going to say ‘DON’T DRINK!!’.  But, always be mindful of how much you drink. After a few drinks, often our minds start to wonder onto other topics and we don’t pay full attention to the task at hand.

Focus on your dateConnect with him. Not in a ‘boozed state’, but as you are. Let him see the real you. Not the person who may appear on the odd weekend when out with mates. If he’s not drinking, why not mirror this and also order a sparkling water? (add some juice for flavour!)


Make the effort

Even if you have been with your man for ten years, he’ll always appreciate you making the effort. Dress to impressTouch up your designer stubbleSpritz on your Eau de toilette…


Make the connection

One of the most attractive features in a guy is his ability to listen. Whoever you’re on a date with, show him he has your attention. Keep eye contact. Comment on what he is telling you. Ask questions about his selected topic. Mentally ‘explore’ him. Show that you are interested.