Dating is not always the easiest thing to do.  For some, taking that step from messaging someone online to actually meeting in person is a BIG step.  There are some of us who just don't date that often, and so fall out of practice with it.  For those nervous, worried, out of practice daters out there, fear not!  Gaydar is here to hold your hand.  Take a look at our four handy tips below that will help you with this craft.  


Go on a date with yourself

Sounds a bit strange right?  But what this is doing is setting you up for the real deal.  Take yourself out for a bit of 'you time' and do/find out what you would want to do on a date. Go where you'd want to go.  Know and understand yourself.  So when it comes to decision time when you're arranging the real thing - you'll be able to throw some suggestions forward.  Being decisive and knowing what you want are extremely attractive qualities.


Focus on one person at a time

If you've got to the stage where you find you really like him, give him your full attention. There's nothing more embarrassing than getting him mixed up with another that you're also currently seeing.  If you think this could potentially go somewhere, then put the energy and focus behind it to push it in the direction you want it to go.


Keep positive

Even if you find yourself in dating situations that aren't exactly going the way you want them to, always keep positive about them. Learn from them and use what you've experienced for next time.  If you emit positive energy to those you meet/date, it's this that other guys will take from you and base their first impression on.


Put life before work

Who's guilty of doing the reverse?! Your work life can often consume all of your time.  With emails now synced to our mobile devices, we can constantly remain in 'work mode'.  Even at the weekends!  And it's work that is often one of the biggest reasons why we have to cancel or postpones a date.  Put some time aside for dating.