We would rather not list the ever changing list of things you should talk about on a date because let’s face it, there are loads of topics of conversation that could vary depending on the person. Instead, we give you the lowdown on things we think you definitely shouldn’t talk about or do on a first date.

Don’t make it all about you

We get it, you are probably an insanely interesting person but there is nothing worse than somebody thinking they are entering a relationship with Adonis reincarnate. Always seem more interested in the person you are on a date with.  It’s also worth mentioning that constant preening and gazing at yourself in every reflective surface is also a no go zone. Remember, you are a person, not a budgie.

Don’t be too crude

Sex is great. Granted.  But talking about it the whole night can sort of make you seem, how do we say, a little one dimensional. Don’t spend the whole night talking about how many people you have slept with or more adventurous techniques etc. Leave things to the imagination.

Don’t delve too deep into the painful past

Exes, coming out stories, closeness to family etc are all things that will eventually be brought to life in a relationship, but spending all your time talking about it on a date is boring and tedious. Keep this kind of talk to a minimum.

Don’t reveal everything about yourself in the first 30 minutes of a date

You are probably excited about getting to know each other but you don’t want to be a complete open book all the time.

Don’t be too negative

It’s fun to bond over all the things you love AND hate. Just make sure you don’t talk too much about all the things you hate otherwise you risk coming across as a boring old grump.

Don’t use those anecdotes that you think are hilarious but don’t usually go down too well

We know you think that one time you got crabs from that hot guy in Brazil was hilarious but your date will probably not find that so funny. Maybe it’s something where you had to be there to find it funny. Either way, steer clear of stories that might not go down that really well.

Don’t mention your ‘check-list’

Everyone has a checklist of things they will and won’t accept from a partner in a relationship e.g “I can’t date a smoker, I can’t date someone who doesn’t like dogs, I can’t date someone who drives around in a Ford.” It’s great to know what you want, but somebody who seems to have enough notes to fill a book is never hot.

Don’t talk about how much gym time you add up a week or how much you spent on that suit

Talking about money and how much time you spend at the gym working on your God-like physique is great for you, but after a while it gets boring to listen to and coming across as arrogant is not a path you want to take on your first meet!