It’s easy to give up on the idea of love at times. From bad breakups to toxic guys in the past, it’s easy to lose sight of why you even look for love in the first place. We at Gaydar try to always stay optimistic about the future as we hear so many success stories from our members. We want to keep you just as optimistic as you continue your search for Mr. Right.

Stay active on the dating app. It’s uplifting to hear people compliment you, engage in conversation with others, and even nicer when you get asked out on a date. Or someone says “Yes!” to your date proposition.

Try not to assume that every guy will be like your ex and make the same mistakes. It’s fine to be wary but thinking the same things will happen every time you get into a new relationship is not true and will get you down. If it feels right, just dive right in, you might be pleasantly surprised.

When you see a happy couple in either real life or in a film, don’t focus on what you haven’t got, focus on what you might have one day too.

Get yourself noticed. This is why a dating app is such a good thing, if you aren’t the type to be going to a new bar every night and meeting new people, creating an online profile is the way to go. When you do go out on a date, take in the atmosphere in the bar, restaurant etc. When you have been single for a while it’s easy to slip into that routine of being alone and keeping yourself to yourself. Getting out in the open is a great way to remember how being around people can actually be really fun.

Try to keep the mantra, “Everything happens for a reason.” If you believe this then it’s not a bad thing if you still haven’t found the one. Good things are still to come. The reason for your past loves not working out was because they were not meant to be and it means that better things are in store for your future.

If you feel like you’re not in control of your love life, try to remain optimistic about other aspects of your life. Think of your great friends, the holiday you have planned next month or the great interior design plans you have for the house. If you breathe optimism into other aspects of your life, it will show and others will be drawn to your lighthearted, happy attitude.