Some of us love clubbing every weekend, partying and drinking during the week and staying up all hours. But as you get a little older (sometimes) this lifestyle can lose a bit of its appeal. Dating someone older than you can also give you a different perspective on it. Here are some of the major perks of dating an older guy.

They tend to be way more mature than significantly younger men. They have had their experience of relationships good and bad and it has helped mould them into who they are. Which can be more sensitive, caring and generous than some of the guys you may have dated.

They have greater life experience which means they have more opinions of different things, meaning the topics of conversation between the both of you are endless.

If you are tired of the scene, it’s most likely they are too. If raving it up and drinking until you can no longer see straight has lost a place in your heart, chances are the older guy you are dating is also done with it.

Think of all those lovely nights you can spend in, cooking dinner and watching Netflix instead of going out clubbing. What bliss.

They tend to be better in bed. As we mentioned before, they have had more experience of relationships which means plenty of practise in the bedroom by the time you end up with them.

He’s more likely to be honest. Unless he’s planning on being a lifelong player, he’s probably tired of pretending to be something he’s not in order to impress. This means he’s also way more likely to be honest and even avoid the little white lies that could come back to bite you in the future of your relationship.

He picks his battles. As you get older you tend to get less worked up over the little things. This means less petty fights and nitpicking or nagging over things that aren’t always a big deal.

He will be more decisive. This would have only been a problem if you are naturally an indecisive kind of person but gone are the days of “where do you want to go for lunch?” “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” He will be tired of things not being done and will probably be more helpful at organising and making last minute decisions.

Because he will have seen more of the world, he will also show you more of the world too. Think more weekend getaways and interesting cuisines you never thought to try.


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