Beards, activism and unusual brands of coffee your thing? Here’s some reasons as to why dating a hipster might be a good idea…

They are passionate

If you find one that’s passionate about what they believe in without judging people who don’t feel the same way too harshly, we think it’s a good thing. Passion translates to all aspects of a relationship, if you catch our drift.

You will try loads of things you wouldn’t usually do

Hipsters like things ‘before they are cool’ which means discovering new brands, food, drinks and hangouts before they get really popular and mainstream.

You might end up being well informed on different issues

Its easy to miss out on social justice issues when there seems to be so many of them. Dating a hipster means you will most likely end up with more knowledge of the effects of deforestation on sloths than ever before and educated, well informed guys are always hot in our eyes.

You will always have plenty of great moments captured

It’s no secret that hipsters take photographs of everything ‘pretty’. How else are they meant to make the best use out of those poloroid cameras? Think every single great memory or place you visited being captured in the form of a photo or some arty sketch.

They are usually romantic

Reposting all those images of beautiful cosy bedrooms and candlelit scenes comes in handy when dating someone. They might be more likely to surprise you on birthdays and anniversaries with really well thought out gifts, just don’t ask for anything from those soul sucking corporations of course. Say goodbye to Superdry!

They have amazing fashion sense

We know this isn’t a reason to date someone but call it an added bonus. Beanie hats and man buns in abundance.

They usually eat healthy too

If you need a little motivation for getting in shape dating a hipster can be great. They usually like their food preservativea and grease free but totally organic and fair trade… obviously. Who knew kale was so good at keeping couples together?