We are not talking huge holidays. We are not talking job changes so you bring home more bacon. We don’t even mean buying thousands of roses like they do in the movies. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you a better partner.

Remember dates aren’t just for the ‘dating’ phase of your relationship

Seriously, even if you have been with your boyfriend for some time doesn’t mean that the whole going for dinner and attempting to woo him doesn’t still apply. Dates show you’re interested and that’s kind of a big deal in a relationship.

Be in the now, not five years in the future

We get it, you are excited about the future of your relationship, we are sure your partner is too. Talking too much about the future and what it has in stall for you both can take away from the happiness you both feel in the moment. You are thinking about marriage, children and all the drama that comes with those choices, however, that weekend away you just took was also great, don’t forget that.

Take notice of your partner’s changing tastes

People change, they get new film/TV/music interests, their political interests might change etc. Try to grow with them rather than focus on the things you knew when you first got together. There’s nothing worse than a scenario like this “But I thought you loved sushi” and your partner says “I haven’t eaten sushi in three years now, how do you not remember these things?” Awkward right? So avoid it.

Don’t let pressure from the outside get to you

Sometimes when you see couples around you talk about how all they did at the weekend was lie in bed and watch the bake off together, you feel the pressure to do the same. The truth is, acting like an old married couple might not be great sounding to your partner. Maybe they want less TV in bed and more Friday night drinks. It’s often mostly just balancing the two.

Create and maintain those fun little rituals/inside jokes 

While to some it might be cute and to others annoying, having things in your relationship that only you and your partner understand is vital. It makes the relationship seem more special and is also great to have that sense of humour constantly running through your relationship.

Really sit down and evaluate if you nag too much in the relationship

Sometimes you aren’t listened to and it’s maddening. That’s completely understandable. Sometimes, however, we grow so used to nagging we forget that we are mad at something or someone else and instead take it out on our partner. If something really gets to you, sit down and talk about it properly, don’t just snap at him.

Make your gifts thoughtful

OK, those cuff-links you bought him were beautiful and expensive but honestly, after a while you should switch things up a bit. Find out what he really loves that’s maybe not a material object, or take him somewhere that reminds you both of a memory in your relationship. It’s easy to buy an object, but it truly means something if thought and effort has gone into a gift.

Keep the balance between honesty and sensitivity

It’s never wise to lie to your partner, after a while you get found out. But it’s also easy to get to a point in your relationship when you are just a tad too honest. When telling the truth, always be mindful of your partner’s feelings, no matter how comfortable you are with one another. No “That shirt makes you look fat” situations please.

Change up the routine

This applies to all aspects of the relationship. The bedroom, date night ideas, holidays etc. Communication is also a big key part of this, especially where sex is involved. Changing things up now and then is not only a way to spice things up, but it can also show your partner how much you care by wanting to keep things interesting.

Be thankful

You obviously shouldn’t be the only one making an effort in your relationship (if you are we suggest dating someone new.) If your partner makes an effort with you, even if it’s something you don’t even like too much, make sure you show your gratitude. After all, you would be upset if you made an effort with him and he didn’t appreciate it, so don’t do the same.