We have all been there either when you’re new in the world of dating and have high expectations or have gone so long without a boyfriend you get standards you didn’t know you had to begin with. While we think it’s good when you don’t settle for any old guy, there are some telling signs that you might be just a tad too picky when it comes to the dating scene.

You move on from screen to screen on the Gaydar dating app way too quickly. Your entire sessions on the app consists of “nope, nah, no, next one, definitely not.”

You are more nervous than excited before a date because you spend the entire lead up convincing yourself the guy is probably not for you.

You nitpick at trivial things with guys and tell yourself that you can’t date him because he’s an inch shorter than you, or he’s quite camp or he doesn’t see Schindler’s List as a work of genius the way you do.

You can’t remember the last time you truly hit it off with someone. (Specifically if you’re out meeting new people all the time.)

You tend to think nobody will ever be as beautiful or amazing as Matt Bomer, so what’s the point?

You can’t really think of a good reason as to why he’s not a potential Mr. Right, you just don’t think he is.

You have a preconceived list of deal-breakers and must-haves for guys and the list never falters and is seemingly growing over time.

You compare everything a guy does to what your ex did. Relax, not every guy you meet is going to make the same mistakes. Take a chance.

You refuse to let your friends suggest dates, or even worse, they have stopped trying on their own accord because they know you are so hard to please.

You refuse to settle for anything that isn’t love at first sight, fight-free, nose kissing, cuddly perfection. It might be time to lower those expectations.

Next time you are on a date, really think about these things. Think about how much you actually like the guy and how much you might be stopping things from happening. You can make exceptions to your rules, nobody will judge you for it. You could be passing by Prince Charming for the sake of a silly little difference between the both of you.