They have a great sense of humour

They probably don’t always rely on chiseled good looks (although there are a lot of good looking nerds out there) but instead utilise other amazing skills they have to offer. This means they can probably take jokes and make amazing ones back and who doesn’t like a guy who can make you laugh.

They are really passionate

Even if you’re not bothered that he can name every single spaceship from the Star Wars movies in under five minutes, it means he’s one thing. He’s passionate, passionate about a lot of things in life. This passion can often transfer well into the bedroom and into the relationship as well.

They are more likely to be romantics at heart

Not always, but sometimes these guys didn’t always have their pick of the best guys when they were younger. Back when people were younger and went for the typical Brad Pitt type guys, the nerds probably got left on the side lines a little. This can mean that when they finally do get into relationships they don’t take it for granted. In some of our experiences with nerdy guys, they come up with the most well thought out date ideas, gifts and plans.

They don’t tend to be superficial

Again, not always but usually they spend more time concerning themselves with the newest gadgets and Batman movie than they do obsessing over the newest designer clothes and what angle is best to take a selfie from. This can be a pretty nice change if you are not particularly superficial yourself (though who doesn’t love a good selfie?). It’s also good because they won’t judge you if you spend all day in old jeans and a ripped t-shirt instead of a new Marc Jacobs suit.

They are less likely to take things too seriously

Being a nerd has only become ‘cool’ again in the last few years so most nerds have probably endured their fair share of insults and being left out of things the ‘popular’ crowds would do. We have sometimes found that this means nerds have learnt to not take everything so seriously all the time after growing up in tougher social situations.

They enjoy just staying in

A nerd is more likely to choose a night in watching superhero movies than they would going to the club for the night. Unless of course, the club is having a Lord of the rings themed night. If staying in and living the chill life is the life for you, going out with a nerd could be a great match.

You will never be stuck for conversation

Sharing passions are always a pro in a relationship, nerd based or not. If you both share a love of the same films or games then conversation flows more naturally. Like spending five hours in a coffee shop talking about whether Tarantino is a better director than Scorsese and then wondering where the time has gone. That sounds like heaven to us.

 Posted by Alex Brinnand