Public displays of affection (PDA), to some, adorable signs of happy relationships.  To others, an embarrassing act to be avoided at all costs. Everyone has a different opinion on PDA and there is no right or wrong opinion, but there are different things to look at when deciding whether or not to publicise ones affections.

First thing to consider is whether you’re both onboard. So you can’t keep your hands off him in public… But is he into it too? It can be slightly uncomfortable if you keep going in for a kiss in public and he’s doing everything to avoid it.  Some guys are just more comfortable than others are with PDA. Both of you need to be on the same page when it comes to PDA.   Many arguments can stem from difference of opinion, so communication here is key.

Sadly homophobia still exists and unfortunately you have to be prepared for it sometimes. Tis a sad fact that the more public you are with your partner in your relationship, the more you open yourself up to public critique. It’s something we wish wasn’t an issue either, but unfortunately those who are venturing out have to equip themselves with a thick skin. Aside from judgement, expect an occasional patronising “awww” too.

It’s annoying even to have to consider it because, at the end of the day your relationship is nobodies business but yours and your partners. Besides, relationships become complicated when you start relying on outside opinion. In terms of negative attention you might receive from PDA take it in your stride. If somebody is insulting you, they are the ones with the issue, not you. We actually might hazard a guess and say that if PDA is your thing, you are probably so wrapped up in your partner you wouldn’t even notice people looking at you anyway.

PDAs are just ways of showing your partner you love them and will declare it for all to see. Equally, not being into PDA doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. Some people like to keep their relationship private. In this case, as long as you and your partner are OK with your choice, everyone else should be too.