The dating world can be complicated. There’s no rule book, you don’t learn this kind of thing in school and the chances are you’ve made your fair share of mistakes. If, like us, you’ve been in a situation where you can’t tell if a guy is into you – read on and consider putting this technique into practice. By doing this you’ll instantly know if someone is interested in you and exactly how much they like you.

This technique can be applied to all kinds of situations, like when you’re on a first date with someone you can’t stop thinking about, or even if you’re just passing someone attractive on the street and want to know if they are interested in you too. While there are exceptions to the rule, people often overlook the clear signals that people (including you) put out into the world.

The best way to tell if a guy is into you is through eye contact. When you’re making polite conversation across the dinner table, is he holding your gaze or is he more interested in his food? If eyes are the windows to our souls, making an effort to focus on eye-contact will help you see how your potential suitor really feels.

If you’re simply passing someone on the street or sat opposite someone on the underground who you’re taking an interest in, examine where their eyes are looking and whether they are looking in your direction. They might be checking out what you’re wearing or even better they could be looking straight back into your eyes. If that’s the case, hold eye contact and see what they do next. Do they look away? Perhaps they were just being curious. Don’t feel too disheartened. But if they keep looking – that’s a very clear sign that someone might be interested in you. The longer they keep making eye contact strengthens the chances they are interested in you.

To take this technique one step further, once you have parted ways with your date or walked past someone you’re interested in on the street, wait for a moment and then look back at them as you walk away. Are they looking back at you too? This is often one of the most clear signals that someone is interested in you – even if they would never vocalise it.

Another thing to remember while using this technique is how you present yourself. If you’re staring blankly back at your date as they make eye contact and recount their best anecdotes it might look as if you’re bored or have tuned out from what they are saying. Likewise, if you death-stare someone as you walk past them on the street, they might think you’re looking at something stuck in their hair or dirt on their face. A simple smile or a raise of your eyebrows will put the situation at ease and reassure the other person that you’re pleased to hold their gaze. If the other person reciprocates then even better – you’re on to a winner.