It takes two to Tango. But when it comes to dating, there are some things that are probably better avoided. So grab a notepad, pen and glass of your favourite beverage – we’ve devised this list so you don’t have to.

Avoid your houses

If your date takes place at home, sometimes things can happen when the chemistry really gets flowing. First dates should be about finding common ground and seeing where that can take you. Better to show him where the magic happens when you’re a bit more familiar with each other, right? Also, while planning the date at yours might be easy – but it could also come across as too forward. It’s best to keep things as equal and casual as possible so that you both feel comfortable.

Loud venues

Whether you’ve arranged to meet at a bar or coffee shop where the local yummy mummies gather for a chat, loud places are probably best avoided. After all, it’s kind of hard to take to somebody properly and get to know them when music keeps cutting you off. If you’re likely to spend the entire date pretending you heard what your date said because you couldn’t possible ask “what did you say?” a third time in a row then it’s probably a good idea to pick another place.

Doing anything too strenuous

A light walk in the park is a perfect date idea. Dragging your potential suitor on an unforgiving hike that leaves him covered in leaves, twigs and dripping in swear won’t leave you in his good books. Unless he’s the living embodiment of Tarzan and then it’ll probably enhance his looks. When it comes to sport, however, it’s probably better to pick something non-competitive and definitely non-contact. Some guys take their sports very seriously and while it might start off all fun and games, an intense match or game could leave you both feeling bad.

Double dates

When have double dates ever really been a good idea? It either turns out pointless because both couples leave each other alone anyway or it can get awkward if one couple ends up getting into an argument or even worse – your date hits it off with someone else and you’re left swapping dates. That’s definitely not what you signed up for – so perhaps keep things intimate and save the group outing for another time.

Getting too drunk

This is particularly important if you’re a lightweight. Pace yourself and don’t feel like you have to match the amount your date is drinking. The alcohol should enhance the date and give you that extra bit of courage you need. If you start telling embarrassing stories or make your date endure your dodgy karaoke then you’ve probably overdone it. There is no bigger mood killer than knowing one of you is more drunk than the other. But if you do insist in getting your weekly alcohol allowance in one sitting – perhaps break the drinks up with some refreshing water? Your date will thank you for it.

Talking about your ex

This one shouldn’t need too much explanation. If you talk about your most recent ex too much, your date might start to think you’re not over them. Also, speaking badly about your ex might make you look bitter and that’s not an attractive quality – especially if the person opposite you is considering getting into a relationship with you. A quick mention of when you became single is suitable but avoid going too far beyond that.

Meeting friends

Avoid places where you know your friends are going to be because you wouldn’t want them crashing the date and taking some of the intimacy away from the date. If your friends are jokers that are likely to tease you or tell embarrassing stories that you don’t want your date to know about then it’s probably better going somewhere a little more private.


This is another example of a venue that will stop you from actually getting to know your date too well due to the fact you will annoy too many people talking loudly in them. Besides it can also sometimes seem a little too intimate for a first date setting.

Dating is more of an art than a science. Getting to know your date a bit before you meet up should help you establish what might go down badly so read the signs and use your common sense. No doubt we’ll be posting another article with more things you should avoid doing on a first date again soon – so let us know your top tips.