It’s amazing how many people don’t have a decent amount of self esteem and self depreciate. Don’t confuse arrogance with loving yourself. Loving yourself is the first step towards letting someone else love you – as Ru Paul would say.

Take a compliment

It’s tempting to brush off a compliment with comments like “oh stop it” and “no I’m not, YOU’RE lovely!” Nobody is going to think that you’re a bad person by just saying ‘thank you’. Saying thank you and acknowledging the compliment helps you slowly start to believe it yourself.

For every imperfection you think of, acknowledge a good point too

OK, so you might be a little too emotional but you’re also very loyal. You might be a little clingy but you also are self aware and put others first.

Stand up for yourself

Nobody likes somebody who takes offence to everyone but if you feel like you get pushed aside a lot, then it might be time to stand up for yourself a little more. Standing up for yourself gives you confidence.  And confidence is one sexy trait!

Take responsibility for your own actions

It’s easy to sit back and wonder ‘what’s the matter’ with you as a person when relationships fail. It might be an idea to take a step back and think about what went wrong in certain situations that perhaps you could change if you find yourself in a similar situation again.  Assessing the situation properly means you can learn from it.  And from your leanings,  you can help ensure a different outcome the next time.

Don’t stop yourself every time you acknowledge you’re a good person

Whether you have a moment where you think ‘damn, I look good today’ or ‘wow, that was nice of me.’ A lot of people stop themselves when this happens from fear of thinking they are ‘too modest’.  But you know what?!  It’s good to have these thoughts.  In fact we encourage it!  These thoughts promote the feeling on happiness within you.  Appreciate yourself.

Treat yourself how you treat others

We know usually it’s the other way around but sometimes this helps put things into perspective for you. If you can’t imagine telling somebody else that they might never find love or that they aren’t as attractive as others, then you shouldn’t be doing it to yourself. Give yourself more respect than that.

Take advice and listen

Some people ask for advice and then do the complete opposite. Most of the time people are giving you the advice that will benefit you in the long run, even if it hurts to hear it at first. Listening to that hard bit of truth might be the key in working on that flaw that causes you to have low self esteem in the first place. Whether somebody is giving you harsh advice, or good advice, take note and really consider it.