Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the clingy boyfriend in a relationship. If you are leaning more towards the clingy side, there are some telling signs and also ways to avoid being too clingy.

Don’t forget your friends

Make plans with your friends and join in when you’re invited out with them. A sign that you might be too devoted to your relationship could be not getting invites to many social events with friends. Perhaps you’ve declined hanging out with people a lot in the past to spend time with your boyfriend instead – eventually people will just stop inviting you. Always make sure you make time with friends if you don’t want to be left out of the loop. It might also be a good idea to make an effort with his friends too, so you can all spend time together at social gatherings.

Avoid texting every five minutes

If you’re not with him, don’t feel like you HAVE to text him. Maybe when everything is new and exciting at the start of a relationship, texting each other silly things throughout the day might seem like a great idea. After a while, though, when you are more used to each other, texting from dusk til dawn can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Don’t second guess everything he says

If he hasn’t given you a reason to not trust him, don’t second guess everything he says. Avoid making him feel guilty for spending time with others and making him pick between you and everything else. If he says he’s going for a meal with friends or to a sports game, take his word for it and let him go have fun.

Don’t spend 24/7 thinking about him

You haven’t seen him while you have been at work and you want to tag him in something on Facebook. Occasionally this might be fine, but commenting on everything he puts up or solely tagging him in things just makes it look like you’re following him around on social media. Learn to enjoy spending time apart and focusing on yourself – it’ll make the time you do spend together more special.

Don’t get too paranoid

If you’re worrying about everything little thing he does – you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Even if you can’t help constantly thinking about things, try and limit how much you show it. Are you constantly looking over his shoulder at his phone or laptop every time he gets a message? Do you worry about where he’s going or who he’s going to run into when he goes out without you? Granted you can’t help it if you feel paranoid but maybe be wary about showing it as it’s bound to annoy him after a while.

Don’t rush the relationship

Unless you are both on the same page and you’re 100% sure, going from having a drawer in his house to moving in together, getting married and then talking about kids in the space of a year can be very overwhelming for another person. Don’t panic, don’t rush, just take it a little slower. You’ve got the rest of your lives to spend enjoying each others company and making big plans – it’s not a race!