Date ideas that think outside the box…

Going on a date doesn’t have to mean sitting in a pub or going for a pricey meal. There’s a whole world out there ready for you to explore! If you’re prepared to put yourself out there and just go for it – these alternative date ideas might be for you. Go on, try one. You might surprise yourself.

Make Cocktails/Smoothies

But if you want to steer clear of alcohol – make smoothies together! Grab a basket of fresh fruit and veg, blend it all up and get to know each other at the same time. You’d be surprised how much you learn about someone while sharing an experience like this – if you’re a good fit for each other it’ll feel completely natural and the conversation will flow with ease.


Be Tourists

Back out in the big wide world, there are endless things to see and do – you just need to find them. If you live near a city, grab a taxi and take your date straight into the heart of the action. Even if you’ve been before – or if you live centrally – there are bound to be things you’ve never done before and they might be things you pass by frequently. Being a tourist in your own area is the best: you know which are the must-do activities, you won’t get overcharged with tourist tax and you’ll know the best places to go for dinner afterwards.


Go Bowling

If you’re looking for something a bit competitive but generally not too difficult to do – bowling is a great option. Don’t feel embarrassed if you need to put the side bars up, although we’d avoid using the ball ramps if you don’t want to look silly. The good thing about bowling is that it doesn’t go on forever but you can buy more games if you’re keen to keep things going. Alternatively, most bowling alleys have a bar which make for the perfect opportunity to keep the conversation going.


Go to a book shop

Before you roll your eyes and skip this one, hear us out. Book shops aren’t just somewhere to pick up your schoolbooks or read magazines before you get asked to leave. These days book shops are back in fashion. 

See, book shops are where it’s at. Lose yourselves in fiction or have a chat about your favourite autobiography – it’s bound to lead to more conversation and you’ll learn loads about each other.