Both can feel amazing. Both can cloud your mind and both have a lot of similarities. It’s sometimes a good idea to know which is which though, as not being on the same page as someone you are in love (or lust) with, can lead to some trouble… Speaking from experience here.

Symptoms of being in lust

One question to ask yourself. How much do you physically want to be with him?  And when we use the word ‘physically’, we think you know what we mean… Is sex the only thing on your mind when it comes to this guy? This isn’t always a dead giveaway, as there are couples that have been together ‘forever’ and still have a VERY healthy sex life.  But this forms part of a bigger package. However, if it’s the only reason why you want to see this guy, you might want to tick that ‘lust’ box.  Then again, you could argue that in the early stages of a relationship, doesn’t everyone want to constantly jump each others bones?!

Think about all the reasons why you like this guy. “Oh he has a cute smile.” Anything else? “Abs, amazing abs, his eyes are gorgeous and wow his kisses. Oh….. wait…” If all the reasons you like this guy are physical, it could also be lust. No? And maybe, just maybe even a little bit of infatuation? You be the judge!

You don’t really see him as a friend… You might be able to have a conversation with this guy as long as it’s not for hours on end.  But the word ‘friend’ doesn’t really come to mind when you think of him.

You really don’t have much in common with each other at all, other than great sex. Thoughts?


Symptoms of being in love

They are a friend, first and foremost. The sex is also be good, but they are an important part of your life to a point where you would probably do anything for them.

You can talk for hours or alternatively feel totally at ease in ‘comfortable silence‘. (Those moments you don’t have anything to say. At all.)

They are in your thoughts. Constantly. Maybe the first thing you think for when you wake is that person. And before you go to bed.  No doubt they will be one of the last things you think of… And when I say ‘think of them’, it’s not just the way he looks. It’s the little things he does. His smell.  His nature.

You may give him things that you previously would not share.  And by this I mean the smallest things. That last bite of your burger that’s so delicious your taste buds are dancing with every mouthful. Before, if someone had asked you for that last bit, the reply would have been a big fat ‘NO’. But to this guy, yes. Of course he can have it. In fact, you’d go to the counter to buy him a fresh one if he likes it that much.

You feel it in your chest. That feeling that you can’t explain and you’re not exactly sure where it comes from. But like magic, he creates it.  And the great thing about it is, he is unaware that he’s doing it.


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