While we know the dangers of lusting after the bad boys, is there such a thing as being too nice? Nice guys seem to always finish last when it comes to relationships and there are often a bunch of reasons why. It all stems down to balance. Being consistently mean to your partner is never going to work out well, but being nice and accommodating 24/7 sometimes just doesn’t feel real. There are also some dangers to being too nice as well…

Some guys will use you if they think they can get away with it

If you come across as too nice you also come across like you will do anything to please your guy. If you don’t know the guy too well and he’s not too nice, he could use this to his advantage and walk all over you.


You come across as too emotionally available

Again this might lead a guy to use you a little and it might also scare him away if he thinks he’s so important to you so early on in a relationship.


Your idea of romance might be very different from his

So you think serenading somebody with one of Shakespeare’s sonnets in the middle of the day at a busy park is the idea of true romance? Sadly, life is not a film and your guy may not enjoy such cliché romantic moves and attention.


Giving him too many compliments will inflate his ego

This will come back to bite you. Maybe you’re dating a guy who’s really hard on himself and needs a bit of confidence boosting. But if you keep talking to him and treating him like a God he will start to believe it. Nobody wants to date a guy who thinks he’s the Don…


Letting him make all the decisions puts you in a vulnerable position

You might be more than willing to go with the flow and let him have final say over everything but in the long run you both should be equals in the relationship. Don’t let him believe that he has all the power and sway over what you both do all the time.


Texting somebody all the time to let them know you care is creepy

Some people argue that calling somebody at work or showing up out of the blue is the cutest thing ever. We think you have to be very sure that your guy is into this before you do it. Messaging someone constantly or calling them gets in the way of their work and we doubt they would thank you for that. Every now and then letting somebody know you were thinking about them is cute, but texting “I love you babe” ten times in a row is not hot at all.


Playing house too early will scare him away

We get it, you are feeling really confident about him and you really believe he is the one. So much so you have already started to talk about the future of your relationship. The simple matter is he might not be at the same stage as you and playing the good little husband too early on might just scare him off. When in doubt, take it slow.


Liking everything he likes is probably impossible and you look like you are trying too hard

Having a lot in common with your boyfriend is amazing, having every single little thing in common with him is weird and seriously doubtful. It’s even worse if you say you don’t like something and then your boyfriend telling you he does and you switch your answer to follow his. Don’t do this. If he can’t handle differences it’s his problem not yours.


Buying/giving him gifts all the time is not a smart move

One, you are making him believe you are made of money which may not be the case. Two, making it seem like you can just buy affection and love from him is a little superficial. It will also put pressure on him to do the same which might end up scaring him away.


Not saying anything to him when he upsets you is not setting a good foundation for your relationship

Not a wise move. Unless you find everything offensive it’s always wise to let him know what your boundaries are and what you don’t find acceptable. If he thinks he can treat you a certain way he will and you can’t later on say that you have told him you didn’t like something. Always be honest from the start


Whatever you do, just remember to be yourself.  Whether it's out there when you're dating, or online.  Yep, we're talking about on Gaydar!