Winter can often be a bit of a gloomy time.  There are less daylight hours, the temperatures suddenly drops, we tend to socialize a little less as all we want to do is stay inside and the weather turns a little wetter. If not icy.  Don't let Winter be all doom and gloom.  Take a look at our top tips to help keep that smile on your face until Spring comes.

Keep warm

We know snuggies aren’t the most stylish things in the world but the cold weather is the main cause of those pesky colds that can last forever if you’re not careful, so whether it’s wearing slippers and that extra jumper in the house or investing in that slightly less suave yet soft parka coat, make sure you keep warm. Have you ever noticed how it’s harder to get up in the morning in Winter? It’s linked to the fact that you don’t want to leave the warmth of your bed and brave the cold.


Do something for the holidays

As you get older it’s tempting to just not bother with Christmas, but it’s important to change up your routine once in a while to avoid feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Whether it’s listening to those cheesy Christmas albums or watching those Netflix Christmas specials or even spending more time than usual with your family, do something to make this time different and create some memories.


Don’t let the ‘Christmas binge’ take over

By all means, treat yourself, the food is half the fun of Christmas but it might be an idea to schedule in some fitness sessions too so you don’t feel too guilty about having more food than usual, making time for exercise means that you don’t have to deprive yourself of part of the celebrations, pigs in blankets and other treats that would bring you happiness. Because nothing says happiness like tiny sausages in coats made of bacon.


Have a back-up plan

For Christmas day, if things are perhaps a little too strained with your family, have a friend you can go to if things get a little too much. Even if it’s just a friend who will have their phone close by them if you need to talk for a while.


Treat yourself at Christmas too

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on everybody else at Christmas when it comes to gifts but let’s face it, you need to think of yourself too.


When you are feeling like the weather is getting to you, surround yourself with lights and take time to stare at the holiday decorations everywhere

This might sound odd to some but one of the biggest downers in winter, especially for those who suffer from SAD is the amount of darkness. It often doesn’t get light until around 7:30am and gets dark again as early as 4:00pm. Looking at some of the amazing displays in your city/town/village on your way home from work can help to spread the cheer (and the light again).


Don’t set an impossible New Year’s resolution

Some people set their New Years resolutions really high, which is great and all, but you must ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable. Set yourself small goals to begin with and build up.  Small steps…


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