Sometimes you beat yourself up over silly things. Other times you may stop yourself from doing something because you’re worried what people will think, or you’re nervous. These are things we think you should stop doing ASAP.

Stop saying no to blind dates

It’s seen as a negative thing now because of films/TV always portraying them as being ‘weird’ or unsuccessful, but trust your friends’ judgement (from time to time) if they suggest one. How can you be sure that you’re not turning down Mr Right?


Stop thinking you can’t approach that guy who you think is out of your league

Whether that’s online or in a bar. Be confident, it’s been said plenty of times before but it’s true. Guys like courage and confidence.  The fact that you had the confidence to approach him will probably put you in his good books. Just don’t be creepy.


Stop thinking you always have to assign yourself 100% to a certain box/label

Communities can be great, but sticking strictly to a ‘label’ because you feel you have to can be severely limiting. You don’t need to limit yourself.  The world is your oyster.


Stop comparing yourself to other gay men your age

OK, so you might be wondering why you are 35 and single when all your friends seemed to have found ‘the one’ already. Stop panicking!  They are not you and you haven’t found the right guy because you haven’t met him yet. That doesn’t mean you won’t.


If you’re in a relationship, stop comparing other relationships to your own

So your friends and their partners like to go out for drinks at a different bar every Friday. You and your beau prefer to sit in and watch old black and white movies and now you feel like your relationship is inadequate? Well don’t. Different strokes for different folks.


Stop worrying too much about ‘the rules’

You know the ones we mean, dating protocol.  How or when not to text someone. What to do, when to do it etc. We know we give out tips and tricks but they are guidelines rather than rules. Waiting five hours to text back even though you saw the text as soon as it was sent is just silly.   You don’t need to pretend to do or be something you are not.


Stop feeling like you aren’t good enough because of past relationships

Now, if you always used to fight and argue, maybe think about toning that temper down.  But just because your ex didn’t think that your obsession with film noir was cute doesn’t mean the next guy won’t. Your quirky interests and traits are what make you.  Be proud of them and never apologies for them.


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