It’s always slightly heartbreaking when relationships don’t happen or the guy you like doesn’t feel the same way as you do. We can also take it as a hit to the ego but really, how big is the loss? Are there ways that you can actually turn the rejection into something positive?

It’s a great way to build a thicker skin

Sometimes people won’t want to date you, sometimes they won’t give you a good reason or they might be far more blunt than you could ever imagine. Either way, rejection teaches you to develop a thicker skin which is never a bad thing to be equipped with in life.


It can teach you independence

We know, if you want a relationship, and you can’t seem to get one, it sucks! But think of it this way, take the opportunity to grow and you’ll no doubt discover that you are forming a greater sense of independence by where you can create your own happiness.  Being a stronger, more independent you, will no doubt make you even more attractive to the next guy.


You learn more about what you want out of other guys

As it builds on your independence it can also helps you discover your own wants and needs out of a partner. That last guy might have rejected you, but you didn’t like the way he spoke down to you anyway. Rejection can actually help you decide what you are willing to settle for and what you are not.


It puts other things in your life into perspective

Rejection helps you reflect on yourself and others which can then lead to reflecting on how you act in other aspects of your life. It can also help you to realise what’s important to you in life and what’s not as important as you thought.


It gives you a chance to get closer to your friends

We really learn to cherish those nights out with our friends after a guy has broken our heart. The gloomy iPod tunes on repeat only last for a while until your friends come over, pick you up and insist on a night out at your local club.