Bi Visibility week happens every year and people all over the world stepped forward and celebrated bisexual awareness. From waving flags proudly in the street to wearing the pink, purple and blue bisexual flag colours in the form of lipstick, baked goods and clothing. To bring awareness to the often overlooked sexuality, we compiled a short list of stereotypes/things not to say to bisexuals…

“Yeah but do you like girls or guys more?”– Some people prefer guys to girls or vice-versa, but for some it’s an exact 50/50 split. It’s not always a black and white issue but most bisexuals find the question awkward.  Besides, it’s nobodies business by theirs right?

“It must be nice to pass off as straight?”– Why would somebody pass off as straight if they are not straight? Sure you might be able to keep up with the illusion for a while but cue a hot person of the same sex and that illusion is destroyed. Eyes will start to wander, perhaps a little harmless flirtation…

“What do you mean you aren’t represented in the media, there’s loads of bisexuals?”– No, there aren’t.   It’s very rarely clearly specified that they are bisexual. Also, what we’ve noticed is that if someone is bisexual in a film or TV show, you can bet your bottom dollar that you may see some kind of threesome happen.  Of course, this is to show that the character portrayed is indeed bisexual.

“You must be up for anything in the bedroom then?”– Are they?! Said who?!  Being bisexual may allow one to explore the ‘best of both worlds’, but everyone has their boundaries.

“Bisexuals always end up with someone from the opposite sex right?”– Who knows?  Who can tell the future?  I know we’d all like to, but it’s unfortunately just not possible… The heart wants what it wants! So, we’ll leave it up for the individual to decide.