Thoughts We Have In The World Of Online Dating

This whole online dating thing... It's not as easy as everyone thinks right?  Although as humans we find it easier to text, message, email our crushes rather than ask them on a date face to face, making sure we say/write the right thing, have our BEST profile photo on display, don't be too needy blah, blah, blah - can still stress us out.  Although we all know we mustn't let these things bother us, we do! It's our human nature. Here's just a few examples of what goes through 'most of our heads' in the world of digital dating...

When Creating A Profile

"Omg what do I even write? I'm no good at biggin' myself up.  What if I come across as someone who loves themself?"

"Is it pretentious to just say 'talk to me to get to know more?'  Can I write 'Just message me to find out what I like? - Is that even allowed?"

"Oh great - maybe that's a bit too much about myself! He's definitely going to to think that I really into myself.  But I've just got a lot to say"

"Maybe I'll have a look at what other guys have put... Yeah - I'll take that as my Q and go from there..."

"This picture? No, this one. Or, maybe this one? Top on? Top off?  Cheesy smile or pout face? Selfie?"


When Browsing Profiles

"Oh he's cute. I'll message him? I wonder if he'll reply? If he doesn't - I'll feel like an idiot. Maybe I'll just send him a 'wink' - that's making he first move. It shows I'm keen, but not too keen.  Then he can do the talking. Good thinking batman!"

"It's been a while... He's not replied.  Has he got my message?  Shall I send him another just in case he missed or deleted it by mistake?"

"Oh c**p!  Maybe I shouldn't have sent another message...  He's gonna think I'm way too keen... I didn't want to give off that impression. BUGGER!!!"

"S**T! - That's my mate.  He doesn't know I'm on here!! I've not told him I'm gay! BLOCK.  Oh wait - he's gay?!!!!"


Waking Up And Checking Your Matches

"Messages! YES! BOOM! Get in there..."

"Oh he's witty! And I'm not :/. Come on... got to send a reply that's just as clever. Think, think..."

"Wow OK!  So we don't agree on 'that' issue but it's OK, so...  now what?

"YES! He wants to meet me for coffee. Is this a date?  Outfit!'

"YES I have a date, mission accomplished."


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