Some Online Dating Etiquette Tips

Etiquette is such a 'formal' word. We've tried to find other words that sound a tad more relaxed, but all we come across was 'protocol, p's and q's, rules, social graces...' They sound even more formal! So we'll stick with etiquette.

Although the world of online dating can be really interesting and exciting for many, we can sometimes feel a bit let down by certain situations we experience through it. The guy you REALLY fancy just doesn't reply. That guy swore at you in his third message to you because you didn't reply...

We believe that your Gaydar online dating experience should be as relaxed, enjoyable and as easy as it can be.

May we present our four top tips for an easy online dating life.



You've probably heard it a thousand times before and we've no doubt wrote it a thousand and one times before, but it really is key. Be honest about yourself. We all have gripes about ourselves and you might think 'you wouldn't date you!'. But the other guys on Gaydar aren't you.  So their likes and opinions will somewhat differ to yours.  That's one of the beauties of human nature.


Replying To Messages

Your time is not unlimited. This we know. But what we like to recommend is that if someone has taken the time to get to know a little about you through your profile, and then he shows this in his message, even if you are not attracted to that guy, a reply is always good. Why? Firstly, he'll appreciate it.

You don't have to lead him up the garden path so to speak. Just be honest and say 'Hi there!  I just wanted to reply to say thanks for taking the time to read my profile.  Our profiles unfortunately don't match, but appreciate your message :-)'

It's polite. It's quite short. It's honest. What more could he ask?! (Other than to take you on a date of course!)


Bad Language

Now, bad language we know can sometimes be used in a humourous way. It can also be used when directing abuse as someone.  Although you can usually tell the difference, this isn't always so when reading...  Have you ever had those text conversations before when someone else takes a comment or word completely the wrong way to how you meant it?! It's because your tone or expressions can't be seen/heard.  It's the same when sending a Gaydar message or writing on your profile.  Always think how others might perceive your profile/message when reading it.  Remember, they don't know you at all just yet!  They're about to learn about you, so make sure what you write aka your first impression, counts.

Even though the photo of you on that beach in Mallorca is one of the best ever taken, it is ten years old. How different do you look today?


Up-To-Date Photos

There isn't a golden rule here in terms of 'how long is too long?' Everyone changes differently over time in terms of looks. You need to be your own judge and jury here. Just always ensure that what you have on your profile in terms of content reflects the real you, as you are now.


If you want to put these points into practice, then get chatting now!  Download the Gaydar app for iOS or Android or sign in/create a profile on our website -