Situations That Get In The Way Of Dating

The world of online dating is fascinating.  Don't you think?!  It presents you with so much opportunity to connect with such a diverse range of guys who posses numerous different qualities, attitudes, opinions - all dotted in different locations whether near or far.

It's quite easy to start a conversation online, and soon enough, you find yourself chatting to a variety of guys.  You start to find that you perhaps have more in common with some more than others, so the next step is to arrange a meeting and go on a date.  Surely, this is the easy part right? You've done a lot of the leg work already.  You've explored their interests, found out what they like... Meeting for the date should be a 'walk in the park' so to speak...

It's not always that easy. As we have found out over the years.

Below are three very common situations that either delay the whole 'meeting' stage, or totally stop it in it's footsteps.  Can you relate??


Out Of Town For A While

You're chatting to a guy online for a week or so, and he suggests you meet up for coffee.  When you ask him when he's free, he tells you he's going out of town for the next 3/4 weeks and he'll let you know when he's back...

Hands up if you've had this happen to you or if you have done this?  Our advice here guys, if you find yourself in this situation (as in you're planning to go out of town), maybe not suggest meeting up just yet.  Definitely stay in contact!  If you're not ready to exchange numbers, keep chatting online.  But don't get someone all excited for the 'potential meet' and then vanish.   You can still show that you are keen by keeping in regular contact.


And... Nothing

You're messaging a guy back and forth for a good two weeks and then one day, the conversation just stops.  You message him to see what's happened and you get no reply.  Nothing. Nada!  

You send a good ten more messages before you eventually give up after not having any response.

Our advice... If you go silent on someone, at least just send one message to perhaps give a bit of an explanation.  No one likes to sit and wonder what it is they've said or done wrong... If you're on the receiving end, send maybe three messages, four max.  But if you hear nothing, move on.  There's more fish in the sea for you that's for sure!


The Last Minute Cancellation 

You're all set for the date.  In fact, you're on your way to it right now.  You're on time and you stand outside the cafe waiting.  He's ten minutes late.  Then 20... Just as you get your phone out to text him to ask where he is, he messages you.  To tell you he can no longer make tonight.

If you think you might not be able to make the date for whatever reason, cancel ahead of schedule.  To cancel at the very last moment is not only bad form, it's extremely annoying for your date.  You'll lose their respect, and more than likely a second chance for the date.


As much as it's frustrating when any of the above happens, never forget that dating is just as exciting!  So on that note, may we suggest you sign in to your Gaydar profile to check your messages and get chatting to some more guys?

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