Signs You Have Found A Good Boyfriend

We see so many articles out there that tell you warning signs of what's bad in a relationship and what to change etc, but we don't see too many articles that tell you what's good and what to appreciate when you have found a really good boyfriend. Whilst we think it's great to give advice on the things you should be watching out for, we also think it's great to appreciate when waters are calm and everything is fine with you and your man.

You Remember Smiling More Around Him Than Ever Before

It doesn't have to be because he's a stand up comic. If it's because he makes you laugh or he makes you smile because he's such a great presence in your life, if you just feel like there is more joy in your life since he came along, we count this as a good sign.


He Doesn't Try To Change You

Working on yourself is never a bad thing but if you have a boyfriend who isn't trying to change how you look, your hobbies, who you hang out with etc, that's a wonderful thing.


He Gives You Space And Appreciates You More When You Have Had Time Away From Each Other

It's great finding balance between a guy who gives you some space and actually appreciates you when you do reunite. You don't want someone who never leaves your side or someone who doesn't really seem to care much when you do see each other. When you do find someone who gets this balance, it's a great thing.


He Makes Effort With Your Friends

It's easy to get so wrapped up in a new boyfriend that your friends get pushed down the list of priorities. But if you have a boyfriend that's willing to hang out with you and your friends and not mind when you make plans with them alone too, we suggest holding onto him.


His Communication Skills Are Solid

He actually tells you when he is upset or annoyed, he tells you why and he tells you sooner rather than later so you can fix the problem. He also tells you what he wants so you don't spend the evening with a scenario that goes along the lines of "what do you want for dinner?" "Oh I don't know really."


He Appreciates Your Differences And Tries To Embrace Your Hobbies Too

There are obviously going to be things you don't both like which normal. However, if he's the type that will sit down with you and watch all the Star Wars movies in a row after never seeing them before and "not really getting the appeal" he's definitely a keeper.


He Knows How To Let Things Go

There is nothing worse than a seething, angry man, especially when you are the reason for his anger. However arguments that spiral out of control are usually because somebody (or both parties) doesn't know when to back off and leave it. If you have a boyfriend that knows when to draw the line and not carry things on after moving on from a fight we envision a very successful relationship indeed.


You Agree On Important Issues, Or At Least Respect Each Others Opinions On Them

Having someone 'dumbing down' your opinion or telling you that you are wrong just because your opinion is different to theirs is the worst. There are some things you really don't need to agree on in order to be in a happy relationship, there are other differences however, that make it harder to get along.  If you agree on these important issues, great!  But even if you have a boyfriend that respects your opinion and doesn't make you feel silly for having it, that's equally as appreciated.


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