Seven Things To Consider When Dating A Co-Worker

Like most situations in life there are pros and cons to dating a co-worker. There are some definite things to think about before deciding whether or not to take the plunge and go for that guy you keep smirking across in the office.

How Close Are You?

If you're already solid friends and he's the one you spend lunchtimes with and throw around office banter, it could be a little awkward if things ever turned sour between you. It might be an idea to decide if you had much of a friendship before a potential relationship and if it's worth risking it.

Is It A Big Office?

Do you get on with a lot of people at work? Is there a gossipy atmosphere? You don't want to get caught in Chinese whispers if you don't have to - and would you be able to avoid him if things get weird?


What Do You Both Want From This?

Does he have a reputation as a bit of a player? Are you looking for a relationship and he's just looking to hook up or vice versa? Make sure you both want the same thing before even considering doing anything. Otherwise you are in for some awkward conversations by the water cooler when he moves onto the next guy.


Would It Be A Problem For Other People?

Do you care if people might talk or even disagree with your relationship? Would your boss be likely to have a problem with it? If yes, is it really worth risking your job or career over it? Be careful who you ask for advice in the office or the news could travel before you've even been on a first date.


Could You Work And Play Together?

Cut forward to the future and say you did get together. Would it be weird working in the same office as your partner and not having much space from them, especially if you live together? Can you see yourself compromising well so you aren't in each other's space 24/7? No matter how close you might get - everyone needs their own space.


Can You Both Remain Professional?

Having a serious business meeting while knowing you've both seen each other sans clothes could be awkward. Would you both feel comfortable treating each other in a professional manner at work? Cute pet names probably won't go down so well on work emails - so consider having some boundaries in place.


Do You Have a Get Out Plan?

Being prepared for the worst case scenario is something to consider from the start. How are you going to deal with the fall-out if things don't work out how you both planned? Don't overthink it too much though or you'll set yourself up for failure.

There have been plenty of success stories from people who have had great relationships with people in their office and most of the time it isn't too much of a problem, unless you end up dating a colleague who turns out not to be very nice. But hey, it's worth a shot right? Give it a try, own it and if it all goes wrong - there are plenty more fish in the sea.

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