Making New Gay Friends

Ever found it hard to make gay friends?

We've heard it quite often in the past. Especially when moving to a new city or town. It can become even harder when living in rural areas. When sometimes you can be the gay in the village.

But why do guys find it so hard to make new gay friends? Well, there is no one answer. But the most common one we hear is a lot of guys think that if you show interest in another guy for friendship, it can be interpreted as you're asking to hook-up. So what's going wrong? Is it that the wrong vibes are being given off by you? Are we all just programmed to think that if he smiles at you, he 'wants it'?! Maybe it's the environment that you're in? Are you in a club or bar?

Fear not! There ARE ways to make JUST friends in the gay  community.


Hobbies And Shared Interest Groups

Combining your hobbies and interests is a great way to meet others. On Gaydar, there is a BIG section for you to list you hobbies and interests.

There are some great sites and apps that have been set up for this very purpose (meeting guys who have the same interests as you). Not for dating. This is purely interest focused. Meetup is a great example. Even if you live in more rural areas. There are so many LGBT specific groups that you can join, whether it's sport, movies, languages or the arts that you love.

Plus - there are some pretty nice bonuses when joining an interest group.

1) It works well if you are shy!  You're all in the same position AND you all have at least one thing in common to chat about if you get a bit stuck for words.

2) Everyone has something in common from the word go, so it's a very good head start in meeting people you might get along with.

3) Activity groups don't usually revolve around alcohol. So don't worry about having too much and saying the wrong thing.


Ask Your Friends

If you are 'out' to your friends, then why not ask for their help? We're talking about your straight friends here... Remember, the world is quite a small place and you'd be surprised who your friends may know. Perhaps they work with someone or have a gay relative that you might have things in common it. It's always worth an ask!


Gay Events And Festivals

Throughout the summer, there are various Pride events that happen across the country. Now we know that Prides can be very alcohol fueled and can involve A LOT of partying. But remember that Pride is usually not just confined to the one day. Normally in the week leading up to to the big day, there's LOTS happening. Take a look at Brighton Pride for example. They have a dog show!  Keep an eye out for your local Pride events and see what they have listed on their site.


Online Dating

Now, we know what your going to say here, but hear us out first. On Gaydar for example, guys DO make friends with others. We were actually at an event the other day (February 2017) when a couple of guys came up to our stand who had met on Gaydar, and they were, and had always been friends with NO added benefits!

Just make it clear what are you are looking for one your profile. As we mentioned earlier, on Gaydar we are all about matching you with others based on your likes, interests and hobbies. Whether your looking for a date, friend or just a chat.

It is totally possible to connect with guys and keep things platonic.

Remember guys, Gaydar is free to join.  Create your profile today and connect with other guys who share your likes and interests.

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