How Do I know If My Crush Is Gay

Ah yes, the age old dilemma in the gay world. How are we meant to know if our crushes bat for the same team? Some guys can be trickier to decipher than others. Even the ones you might think are definitely gay might be in denial or just not ready to step out of that pesky closet, so here are some tips on how to work out your man crush.

Firstly, does he flirt with you? If so, how does he flirt with you? Nowadays some guys are so comfortable with their sexuality, they flirt with other guys 'for the banter' other times however, flirting runs deeper than that.

Does he go out of his way to impress you or spend time with you?

Talk about popular gay culture. Go from innocent to more obvious things like "Did you like that show 'Cucumber'?" or "Didn't you just love Queer as Folk?" to "What did you think was the hottest scene in it?" His answers could obviously help you determine whether he is indeed gay or nay.

Where does he hang out usually? Don't go into stalker mode, but find out if he hangs out in straight spots or spots popular among the LGBT community. Is going to 'Heaven' or 'The Vauxhall Tavern' in London a weekly occurrence? Be careful with this one though, a lot of younger gay men just prefer to hang out in mainstream 'straight spots' seeing as there isn't as much of an emphasis on hanging out in gay only places nowadays.

Another obvious one; just ask him out for a casual drink!  If you've made it obvious you're gay, chances are if you suggest going for coffee etc and he doesn't 'play for your team', he'll probably not want to lead you on by saying yes. Even if he does say yes, just study the nature of the conversation... If he's flirting or mentions "doing this again some time" or even suggests a more intimate 'date-like' scenario, chances are, he wants to be more than just friends.

Does he talk about his past relationships? Does he agree with you on crushes or sit out on conversations in public involving ex girlfriends or that new Megan Fox movie where she gets naked? Conversations on crushes, relationships and flings as well as casual sex talks are obviously another indication as to whether he's gay or not.

Remember, how he refers to the LGBT community might not give everything away.  Some gay men are out and proud and never pass up a moment to big-up Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons, but not all gay men. That being said, do get his thoughts on the LGBT community when you mention it. His extensive support and/or knowledge of it could be a clear sign.

Ask him directly! Depending on how well you know him, if you have been flirting or spending a lot of time together it's fair to say that it would be a normal to just ask. Most people wouldn't get offended whatever their answer.  We would like to think anyway.

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