Six Signs You Are In Love

Whilst love hits us all differently, there are a few signs to look out for that tells you that you have found someone really special...

You Feel Like You're A Better Person Since Meeting Him

Maybe it's because you are happier, less judgmental or perhaps you have just widened your tastes and seem more cultured since embracing his interests too. Whatever the differences might be, you've changed... Are we right?!


He Makes You Feel Safe

Being in a relationship with him makes you feel a little more comfortable and you just feel safe knowing he's there for you.  It's hard to identify exactly what it is.  You just know that whatever life may throw your way, he's got your back.


You Barely Think about Exes. If At All

OK, yes it's hard to rule out the occasional twinge in your heart when you think about him. However thinking about him happens few and far between. You don't really worry about what he's doing now because you are happier yourself and you've generally moved on.


You've Reached A 'Confortable' Point In Your Relationship

To some, this means being 'fine' with comfortable silences, or perhaps it's the abandonment of fear doing more embarrassing things around him in the form of singing very loudly and out of tune in the shower when he can hear.


You Aren't Afriad To Argue, And Move Past Arguments Easily Enough

With some relationships you can sometimes worry that every fight means the end of the relationship, to the point where you try to avoid arguments as much as possible that can sometimes affect your own happiness.   Arguments happy, and they can be healthy.  And as the age old saying goes, love conquers all.


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