Boyfriends And Cities

Two things that are said not to mix. Boyfriends and Cities. Why? Well apparently there's always to much competition in the city. Too much choice and you can get lost in the crowed.

Well FORGET that thought! Because we're here to tell you that boyfriends and cities DO mix. Sure the way of life is faster and a bit hectic with LOTS going on and you may find it harder to find someone with such a busy lifestyle. But take a step back and make time, however you choose to find someone.

So how and where could you potentially meet Mr Right?  And how are you going to attract him if you think there are so many other guys out there that could get his attention first?

Just Be You

Sounds cheesy right? But what we actually mean is keep your unique charm! Most of us who live in the big bad city are often from another part of the country or world. We all have our accents, our styles, our mannerisms and our quirks. And that's what make us 'us'. Don't lose them. Use them.

Hang Out In A Few Different Circles

If you want to meet guys out and about, you've got to keep your options open in terms of the places you go to and the people you spend time with. Lots of guys meet dates and boyfriends through friends. And different friendship circles usually hang out in different places and do different things. So let your friends help you here.  They can make the connections and you can do the talking.

Think Outside The Box

As well as getting your friends to help you connect with other guys, why not try join some social event groups?  One of the benefits of living in the city is that there are normally a lot of LGBT groups that meet to play sports, keep fit, watch movies, dine out... These groups are great for meeting other guys in a relaxed environment. And the great thing is, you'll be meeting other guys who already share your interests. That's why they're there after all! So you'll have a topic to get the conversation going.

Date Online

As well as meeting guys out and about, you can also meet guys online. A lot of guys! Online dating has really taken off over the last five years. Lots of us are doing it. Especially in the big city where we feel we don't have time to go out and meet guys socially. Just remember, when someone looks at your profile for the first time, that's their first impression of you. Make it good! Upload a fine selection of high quality photos (as many as you can fit on your profile), always complete your profile bio and NEVER leave off your hobbies and interests.

Gaydar is great for online dating.  In fact, we're pros at it! 

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