How to get your home ready for date night

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Gaydar Blog
18 May 2024

Whether it’s a romantic evening in with your boyfriend, or you’re hosting a hook-up for some quick fun, it’s worth taking a moment to double-check that your home is giving the right vibe for what you want to go down.

First impressions count – you don’t want your home to be a boner-killer.

But where do you start? Let’s get into it.

Freshen up the place

You don’t want your home smelling like hospital-grade detergent, but you do want your home to feel clean and fresh when your man walks in the door.

Sure, a bit of boho-chic can be cute, but the general rule is to avoid clutter. Pick things up off the floor. Put things away in cupboards and drawers. Wipe down any visible surfaces.

If you can open your windows to air the place out, that’s always a good idea. Take your garbage out. Do your laundry. Make sure that there’s nothing nasty in the fridge. As a fail-safe, light a scented candle or a stick of incense.

Take a critical look at your bathroom

At some point in the evening, your date is going to be spending some time in the bathroom. At the very least, they’re going to be in there for a quick pee, but they might need a shower to ensure that they’re clean and confident, or you might want to shower together, or he might want to clean up afterwards. The bathroom is going to need to bring its A-game on date night.

Giving your bathroom a good clean is a no-brainer. It should look clean and it should smell clean.

Remove your clutter. You don’t need your date to see every product that you’re using and all the different medication and supplements that you’re taking. If you don’t have storage cupboards or drawers in your bathroom, use a short-term solution of putting everything in a shoebox and shoving it in your wardrobe – you can get it all back out again once he’s gone.

Think about what your date is going to need in the bathroom. Get your good towels out, make sure there’s nice hand-wash and body-wash ready to go. Pull out the fluffy robe that you stole from the posh hotel you stayed in.

A scented candle in the bathroom is generally a smart move.

Take a critical look at your bedroom

This is where the magic is going to happen, right? Sure, you might fuck on the sofa in the living room, but at some point you’re probably going to end up in the bedroom.

Make sure you’ve got fresh sheets on the bed. Fresh sheets are sexy.

Think about the lighting – find ways to make it soft and sultry. Think lamps and candles – you don’t want the overhead light on.

Have your music ready to go. You should have a sex playlist all loaded up so you just need to hit play.

Make sure that you’ve got some lube within easy reach. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of lube – don’t run out of lube.

Have a clean-up towel within reach of the bed. Once you’re both lying there, covered in cum, you know he’s going to ask for a towel to wipe up. Set yourself up for success.

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Comments (58)

  1. Avatar Lindsay1955 (Mark) says:

    Once again you seem to have messed about with a working function. I have changed nothing on my settings, but can no longer see where guys are from.
    Why can’t you leave well alone??

    • Rob Curtis Rob Curtis says:

      Hey Lindsey – I understand your frustration. We’re trying to keep the site up-to-date with the most modern technology. 99% of our users have migrated across successfully, but we can help you get your location settings right if you need it. Did you find the information on this page helpful?

    • Avatar john says:

      agree 100%. I have the same problem despite contacting gaydar help line, and following their guide lines. Pointless opening a profile as I cannot see where they are located

  2. Avatar Robert says:

    Because of the country I live in I have to use a VPN. Every time I manually set my location it gets changed despite making changes to browser location. So how do I know where anybody is and they to know where I am.

    • Rob Curtis Rob Curtis says:

      Hey Robert – we’ve added a Home and Work location field to your profile so that you can enter than manually. That should help. I’ll do some digging around to see if there’s a way to show your location when using a VPN but location settings vary from VPN to VPN.

  3. Avatar Jay says:

    Why do you keep messing around! I have changed the setting and I don’t know how it ever was stopped location, since the new website on the internet the site has gone downhill, can’t find anything.

    • Rob Curtis Rob Curtis says:

      Hey Jay – perhaps I can help. What are you looking for? We’re about to simplify the new site in January to make it a lot easier to find things, but in the meantime fire away and I’ll point you in the right direction. x Rob

  4. Avatar Grahamssw says:

    I have an apple mac, and have done what it says to do above, except line 12 – Select the “Deny without prompting” option. This is not listed as an option on my PC in Safari preferences.

  5. Avatar Brian says:

    Cannot set location. Have Google , not Chrome ,have Windows 8.1 not windows 10.

  6. Avatar Brian says:

    Have tried to set location following the info supplied but have gone to profile ,have set home location, there is no box etc for general location!
    Have no idea as to where anyone is, just get told to set location……
    Pity I did not know of this problem before paying for membership

  7. Avatar Les says:

    I find the new site to be problematic to negotiate. I commend the new picture display but otherwise, I avoid using it as I used to before the upgrade. Other guys express similar comments.

  8. Avatar Brian says:

    Have Windows 8.1 and use IE 11, Have played about with all the settings, On other sites I get the box on the bottom asking for my location and can “allow once or not at all”. but have now given up with this, no point being on here.

  9. Avatar Miloboy says:

    Your instructions did not match the info I saw on my I pad, confused

  10. Avatar Miloboy says:

    Instructions are so complicated I could not make them work

  11. Avatar Aaron says:

    How can you find each guys location ?? seems complicated compared to the older site ?

    • Avatar Andre Stoop says:

      Hi Aaron, in order for us to be able to assist you please submit a ticket on so the Gaydar support team can help you finding your way around, and answer any questions you have. They would love to hear from you.

  12. Avatar sexyboots says:

    I have been through all the steps using Chrome to enable you to find my location but I’m not sure I have got through to you yet. Please confirm. Thanks. Andrew

  13. Avatar simon says:

    Finding a location is terrible, confusing and at last (x number of attempts) at unsuccessful, very disappointing .

  14. Avatar Kim says:

    Firefox is set to allow Gaydar to access my location, but you say you don’t know it. This is new in the last day or two.

  15. Avatar ponyoboy says:

    how many times can I agree to the location thing only for it not to register, this is my second time trying to join the site I once loved, please delete my account, this is bizarre

  16. Avatar Joseph says:

    Rob Curtis, Sorry for my vague reply to Jay’s message but I feel he does have a valid point, Why do your techs keep on mucking around with Gaydar and making the site harder and harder for people to use? I have sent 7 messages to one guy and now I can only see 2 and a half of the messages that I sent to him BECAUSE THERE IS NOW NO SCROLL BAR ANYMORE SINCE 31st JANUARY 2018 TO MOVE THE SENT MESSAGE PAGE UP OR DOWN TO BE ABLE TO SEE MY MESSAGE HISTORY TO THE GUYS I MESSAGE – I really hope that the guy I message CAN SEE ALL OF MY MESSAGES because if he also HAS NO SCROLL BAR to be able to view the first 5 messages that I sent to him then this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Also I do not know which plonker decided to make all the thumbnails on the tracks page ROUND the rounded thumbnails cut half of my face away! which is silly. I really pry to god that these issues get resolved as I liked the original Gaydar but I do like the bigger photographs on the new Gaydar which is the only good thing that was updated. Best Regards, Joseph.

  17. Avatar Dave says:

    The location data is always wrong for me, it seems to think I live somewhere else. Please can add an option to use your home location, instead of the location data it grabs from the browser?

    • Avatar Andre Stoop says:

      Hey there Dave, our amazing support team have reached out to help you enabling your location for Gaydar. They can solve just about anything! Check your inbox for the email.

  18. Avatar Rtguy says:

    Unable to change my location or distance despite multiple attempts.
    Help ! Please !

  19. Avatar Peter says:

    This location issue is a real pain in the ass. I travel a bit and so it changes often. WTF did you try to link it to the browser location For security reasons I never log into my browser and always clear setting on exit, not for privacy, but for security.
    I’m getting disenchanted with gaydar and despite being a member for over 10 years am contemplating deleting my account. other sites are not so stupid as to use the browser location

    • Avatar Gaydar Support says:

      Hi Peter, the Gaydar support team have just emailed you some helpful tips and advice to offer a helping hand. Please check your inbox and chat to the team.

  20. Avatar Ron Aitken says:

    I have tried for 2 weeks to fix my location on my profile for other guys to identify this has been a total waste of time I would like you to reimurse my subrscription as soon as possible please.

    • Avatar Gaydar Support says:

      Hi Ron, the Gaydar support team have received your email, and have sent a reply offering help and giving some advice. Please check your inbox.

  21. Avatar Johnwells says:

    Despite reading your instructions my contraption does not have the settings to change you say it should have , so unable to offer my location

  22. Avatar John says:

    Hello, I have google chrome. I have been getting notifications about my location every time I click on a profile. I have followed the recommendations to rectify the problem but to no success. I need help please.

  23. Avatar markturner says:

    please help

  24. Avatar Carlos says:

    Why do you keep mucking about with Gaydar? Years ago it was easier and better to use than it is today. It seems impossible to give my location despite doing as you say. I do not have this problem on any other site. Get it sorted its really annoying. The site itself is rubbish and I will probably stop using it!

  25. Avatar markturner says:

    just not able to put location to hard it used 2 be so easy help please my location is formby please help?

  26. Avatar Eddie says:

    Just hit location search and type your town in there. From then on all profiles display their distances from you. Simple.


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