Winning the battle with self-doubt: How to boost your confidence as a man

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
11 March 2024

Confidence is a pretty attractive feature, right?

A guy who seems confident – sure of himself, comfortable with who he is – has almost a magnetic pull. A confident man is the guy that we’re trying to get the attention of.

If someone puts “confident” in their dating app bio, that’s hot.

But how do we become that confident guy that appears to be at ease with the world around him when every day we seem to be battling anxiety and self-doubt?

Obviously, even guys that seem confident and in control can struggle with bouts of uncertainty. But confidence is what you project to the outside world – it’s that Instagram filter you put on so that you can protect yourself a little by shielding your vulnerabilities.

Here’s some tips on how to project an air of confidence.

Walk the walk

You can generally tell if a guy is feeling confident even before he starts speaking. For example, how a man walks tells you a lot about him.

Be conscious of your posture – shoulders back, chest out. Walk with purpose. As humans, we intuitively pick up on the body language of others – is this person someone worth paying attention to? The way you walk is a big part of that.

Healthy Habits

If you’re feeling healthy, that’s going to have a positive impact on the way that others perceive you. Eating a balanced diet and getting a bit of exercise on a regular basis is a great foundation.

It’s hard to look or feel confident if you’re feeling bloated and gassy. Plus, the endorphins released by a bit of exercise will automatically put a bit of a spring in your step.

Put the work in

If you are struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, don’t try and ostrich it out and ignore the problems. Talk to someone, get some help, put the work in to address the underlying issues and develop the coping mechanisms.

You need to be in a strong enough state of mind in order see the bigger picture and engage effectively with others.

Think positive thoughts

It sounds a bit too easy – what if I just imagined that I was confident? Would that make me a confident guy?

To be honest, that’s pretty much how it works. If you approached each situation and gave yourself a bit of a pep-talk: What would a confident person say? How would a confident person act? How can I project more confidence when I meet these people? That’s a pretty good starting point for making a good first impression.

You can still be authentic – you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not – you’re just tapping into the confident version of you and you’re putting your self-doubt and uncertainty to one side because they’re not what you need right now.

Also, don’t forget to smile. When you smile, you appear relaxed and you help to make the people around you feel relaxed. Confident men don’t have resting-bitch-face, confident men smile like they give zero fucks.

Confidence. It’s sexy, right?

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  1. Avatar Heinrich says:

    I would love to watch more gay movies but i dont know where to get the good ones? Any suggestions?

  2. Avatar Chris Irwin says:

    I went to see this film last week. Coming out is something most of us have experiences ad we all know how painful that experience can be. This film is a touching account, well acted and with an intriguing storyline

  3. Avatar Keith Scandrett says:

    There are many gay movies on You Tube, ranging from short sequences to full length movies. Just type gay movies/films.

  4. Avatar Marc Smith says:

    I wish there could be more stories about just normal relationships between men. Meeting, dating, falling in love, deciding to be together, romantic comedy type of thing. I know the politics is important but at the same time I’m kind of over it if you know what I mean, wish there were more depictions of just regular relationships.

  5. Avatar mark says:

    i buy my gay dvds from amazon & ebay . many good ones & many really bad ones out there.

  6. Avatar mark says:

    my favourite coming out film is A Beautiful Thing


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