GaydarRadio & Borja Peña have got some serious Daddy Issues!

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Gaydar Blog
22 November 2017

GaydarRadio is back and this week it’s being taken over by none other than Borja Peña!

Borja’s new party, Daddy Issues, which he runs with partner in crime OLLYWOOD, has taken the world by storm. After all, who doesn’t have a bit of a Daddy crush?  Daddy Issues is just the latest in a string of successful parties that Borja has launched and is currently running in London, LA and Madrid.

Borja!  You’ve had a career as a designer and worked in fashion – how has that influenced your DJ-ing?

It was more like designing interiors for retail concepts and events for various luxury brands. I think the influence came from travelling all over the world and hearing all kinds of different music. I discovered some really cool producers and DJs that still inspire my sets today.


Working in the fashion industry taught me to try out a variety of different styles, and to always keep my eyes opened for what’s next.

What is a typical weekend like for Borja Peña?

I’m not the party animal I used to be. I recently discovered yoga, so I try to focus on that, or catching up with friends. If I’m playing that night I’ll prepare my set and hit the club! I like to go to my friends’ DJ sets too.

We recently started our night in Madrid on Sundays, so sometimes I have to go straight from playing to the airport with very little sleep… Luckily for me, my family is there so I get a lot of pampering.

What style of music do you think is most popular in gay clubs?  How much does this change between your LA and London parties?

Depends what you’re in to. Some people like circuit or “handbag house”, some prefer a pop anthem. Those styles seem really popular in the gay community.

But there are some incredible forward thinking Queer clubs all over the word, with fantastic DJs and producers. They’re inspiring the new generations, and also schooling them with our history.

borja 2

They’re really celebrated on the straight scene too! Too many come to mind, Maya Jane Coles, The Black Madonna, Honey Dijon, Horse Meat disco, Honey Soundsystem, etc.

My music doesn’t change from LA to London. I think the place where I change it a bit is Madrid. I like to make my set extra happy to end the week on a positive note.

You weren’t always a global DJ superstar – who was your DJ idol?

When I first moved to London I really liked Todd Terry and Danny Tenaglia. Then I worked in CRASH, the crazy club that defined Vauxhall, in the 90s. That’s where I heard Tom Stephan for the first time and my mind was blown!

A trip to Berlin really changed me – I discovered ND Baumaker, DJ KOze, Acid Pauli. I really loved Ryan Elliott. If you really want to be schooled, DJ Harvey is the one.

Now we’re going to get a bit cheeky here… what music would you listen to… with company… with the lights out?

Really depends on the mood – it could be Pink Floyd. The Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson. Maybe some of my favourite podcasts from the Mayan Warrior an art car from Burning man. Any sets from Rebolledo, Jennifer Cardini, or Zombies in Miami – they’re sexy as f*ck.

Where will we find Borja Peña over the New Years?

I’m debating taking the night off and going to the mountains of Transylvania with a friend. Maybe something super low-key and special in London, just me and some friends.


I’m not big on New Year’s Eve, I usually prefer New Year’s Day in true rave spirit! I heard of this party in London called Adonis – they have some of the most fun queer DJs in town. Hannah Holland is always a treat!

Or maybe 60 hours at Berghain in Berlin?

A few quick fire questions before we finish. Which track can you absolutely not miss from any set?

I always have a very special moment when I play “The Future of The Future” by Deep Dish. With vocals from Tracy Thorn, it’s so beautiful and then it builds up to this great energy! Magical. 

Which track will you be starting off your next set with?

That’s a tough one! I never really know, depends on the time of my next set. I can start slow and atmospheric if it’s early.

I think my next set is in GAY, London. It’ll be for the techno party, TROUGH. I think I’ll be going with classic techno.

SEROTONE, by Matt O’Brian on Rekids record label, remixed by Radioslave. It’s a bit dark and sexy and I think it sets up the tone.

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