Are penguins the queerest animals?

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Gaydar Blog
21 January 2024

It’s quite common for penguins to form same-sex couples, both in the wild and in captivity. Roy and Silo of New York City’s Central Park Zoo are among the most famous gay penguins – the Chinstrap Penguins successfully hatched an egg in 1999, their chick was called Tango.

Other notable same-sex penguin couples include Sphen and Magic in Sydney, and Skipper and Ping in Berlin.

It’s relatively common for zoos around the world to report same-sex penguin couples getting together during breeding season.

But it’s not only penguins that are breaking the heteronormative stereotypes of the animal kingdom – same-sex sexual behaviour has been observed in more than 1,500 animal species.

Which are the gayest animals?


Male giraffes often display at lot of intimate affection towards each other. Researchers have observed same-sex necking, licking, nuzzling and mounting between male giraffes, as well as genital stimulation.

As a species, giraffes don’t form couples of any kind. Adult females live together in herds, and only mate with the transient males who manage to be dominant enough, or surreptitious enough, to visit them at the right time.


Seahorses are fairly incredible creatures.

Pygmy Seahorses are particularly special as it is the male who carries the fertilised eggs and gives birth to their offspring.

Pygmy Seahorses live on gorgonian seafans – camouflaging themselves by matching their colour and texture to the coral on which they live.

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