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Gaydar Blog
17 November 2017

We’ve found the perfect party mix to dance to this weekend. Party the weekend away with DJ Ale Amaral and GaydarRadio!

Ale started off in Sao Paulo before making waves on the scene and travelling the world. Want to find out more about Ale Amaral? Ale has taken the time to answer a few questions!

Tell me, you’re from Rio de Janeiro – what made you want to leave such a beautiful city?

I left Rio when I was in my twenties just after I graduated. I moved to Sao Paulo looking for better job opportunities, where I lived for 10 years.

My life changed in so many ways. I discovered my passion for music, and where I became a DJ.

What is a typical weekend like for Ale Amaral?

It’s always fun! First of all, I simply love to travel and see new places, meet new people and understand their culture.

It can be a little tiring at times too; hours spent on flights, a few hours sleep after my shows, rushing to the airport. It’s a lot, but I love it all.

What style of music do you think is most popular in gay clubs?  How much does this change city-by-city?

Definitely commercial music, remixed with circuit and tribal beats. It varies depending on where you are, you’ll hear different music in England than you would in Germany. 

Everyone wants to hear uplifting music though, because everyone’s out to have a good time at the club!

You weren’t always a global DJ superstar – who was your DJ idol?

Two of the most influential DJs for me are Peter Rauhofer and Offer Nissim. They’ve been around since the 80’s, but they’ve managed to change and adapt a lot over the years. 

Now we’re going to get a bit cheeky here… what music would you listen to… with company… with the lights out? 

I’m really open minded. I took a date with me on a road trip once and We listened to a huge variety from the 70’s to the 90’s, even a few from the 2000’s.

I can have as much fun singing songs from Technotronic to Madonna, as I can with Cher and Cindy Lauper.

Where will we find Ale Amaral over the New Years?   

If you want to find me at New Years you’ll have to meet me at Kluster in Madrid. 

A few quick fire questions before we finish. Which track can you absolutely not miss from any set?

I’ll go with my Bigroom Remix of Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Dirty Pop Ft. Taylor Olson & Jackie Orlando. This on made Top 20 Billboard Chart 2017.

Which track will you be starting off your next set with?

I have a very particular way to start off my sets, I always like to start with some uplifting vocals. My chosen track is my Freedom Remix of F.A.M.E – Gio Box feat. Irene Cara. 

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