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Oliver Vivary
14 August 2018

The Gaydar Blog is changing

This forum will be the voice to let you know news from Gaydar and Gaydar Girls, such as development changes. If you are looking for stories to celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community and its achievements, check out our new Means Happy site on www.meanshappy.com
In this first of these new blog posts, we wish to tell you about improvements our new tech team has made to the platform – and what further enhancements they are now working on.


Preparing for Change

In the last two months we have been preparing for quite an overhaul of our technology:  we have migrated to a new hosting platform in London (for those of you who may be ‘GDPR minded’), which has taken quite some time to achieve but this new platform will allow us the flexibility to move forward with some bold new enhancements to the offering.


Some Changes have already Happened

We have already made a few smaller changes:

· We have done a lot of work to stabilize the mobile apps and we are pleased to say that they are now running at over 99% ‘crash-free’ stability

· We have integrated the ability to log in and register using Facebook on the Android app

· We have been working on stability issues on the website and have made some good progress on this, although we still have more work to do there

· For those of you that register with Facebook, a long-running picture ‘bug’ has now been fixed

Over the next few months, we will be making some more significant changes. These will include an improvement to the Messaging System, chat rooms that integrate better with the site, reintroducing languages (starting with Spanish on the iOS app over the coming few weeks), a new platform for Gaydar Girls (including apps) and re-introduction of some past features including Friends (with the historic data, as much as possible).

As we head into the 20th Anniversary year for Gaydar, we are committed to bringing back the platform you loved together with some great new features.

We have been reading your Past Comments and are keen to hear more!!

We will be reaching out to you, the existing members, to hear your comments, complaints, thoughts and ideas, through questionnaires and focus groups. Tell us what you love, tell us what you hate, we are keen to hear it all!
Obviously, we cannot promise overnight changes, these things generally take time – but we do promise that we will listen and good changes will come as fast as our developers can bring them to you.


Comments (6)

  1. Avatar Dan UK says:

    It would be great if you made it look and work exactly like the normal usable orange one. Or, at least, giving the option to use that interface in the login page. Including the chat, it probably was gaydar’s USP when it was user friendly

    • Gaydar Blog Gaydar Blog says:

      We are looking at options of different skins for the site. Unfortunately the old site was written in very old code that is now obsolete and so we will have to build these from scratch. Thank you for your feedback.

      • Avatar Dan UK says:

        Very welcome!

        Luckily, Gaydar girls still has the original website, so you can just recreate the same interface using ASP5 – if I am not wrong -. Hardly a case of complicated reverse engineering.

        I am no ASP expert, but if whoever redesigned the web interface from scratch hasn’t deleted the old code from the version control software, whichever it was, it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust the deprecated parts. Also, whoever tried to migrate the database to the new version was not too familiar with foreign keys, so there are references in some pages to profiles which no longer exist. It’s odd because foreign keys are really such a basic concept!

        Unless a NOSQL db is used – but still, data integrity must be taken care of…


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