Christmas Fitness. My 12 Top Tips!

Gaydar Blog

Gaydar Blog
06 December 2017

How do we negotiate Christmas dos and social gatherings without “gathering” too much around the waist? Remember, fitness starts with a healthy mind! So I’ve got some quick tips to keep your mind happy and your body active this festive season.

My twelve tips (more gifting than Santa’s sack can hold) are right here:

1. Get Out!

No matter how freezing the weather may be! A dose of fresh air and a squirrel sighting or two can’t but help to raise your spirits and improve your mood.

2. Vitamin D

In this Vit D drought, I encourage topping up through your diet (fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks for example) or by popping a vitamin pill. Ain’t no shame in a helping hand.

3. Exercise (duh!)

We all know this one. So go on. Get on with it! The endorphins associated with your workouts will help to keep vitality and energy levels high, and you’ll be helping to keep those abs in visible sight right through the months of hibernation.

4. Get checked

Touch wood, you might just avoid the lurgies this winter. But if you feel an itch, get down to the pharmacist before you scratch the hell out of it and it gets unmanageable. Prevention is always the best strategy and pretty much all the advice here will do you favours in the fight against the lurgies!

5. It’s Getting Hot In Here

Stay warm always. The cold wreaks havoc with our immune system and other key vital bodily functions. If you spend considerable time anywhere that feels chilly, have it attended to immediately. If someone is just being a bit frosty because you were out a little later than you should have been – this may not be of much use to you!

6. Eyes On The Prize

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The list of sayings goes on. And they’re all true! Now is the time to focus on where you would like to be next summer, and the summer after that. Now is the time to start cementing those good habits!

7. Get Interesting

Perhaps the walk to the gym, only to get onto the “deadmill” for an hour is beginning to freak you out? Maybe a bus journey wouldn’t be too bad if you ended up at a climbing wall? Or a Tango class? Or something of interest to you? You just have to move – no rules on what that needs to look like.

8. Dress For The Occasion

Do you need any other excuse to layer up and look fabulous? Cover those extremities, and keep your head toasty. No open chests (or bare buttocks) unless you’re indoors – and even then, more is more.

9. Soups Up

Mmmmm. I do love a soup. Stuff in pot. Whizz it up. Soup! Warm, comforting, easy to make and perfect on a chilly winter evening.

10. Dream Big

If you’d like to talk about what 2018 might hold in store for your health and wellness… You know where to find me!

11. Dream Bigger

Christmas is a great time to look outside of our own needs and wants and to look at the bigger picture. What can you give this Christmas?

12. It’s Good To Talk – Don’t be alone this Christmas!

Stay connected and remember that no matter how cold and potentially low you might feel, you’re bound to have someone willing to lend an ear and perk you up. So pick the phone and call.

There you have it! Twelve pointers to keep you happy in your mind and body this festive season! Whilst I have you, why not take a look at my circuit training workouts suggestions that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

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