Guys we dated in our 20’s part 1

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The good, the bad, the coulda woulda shoulda’s… We all dated at least two of these guys in our early 20’s right?  And for some of us, even later on in our lives.

The dog lover

Whether it was doting over a pint sized King Charles Spaniel or fussing over a man sized Siberian Husky, that guy was all about the dog. You met him in the park (hopefully not after narrowly avoiding a collision with his dog). You lost count of how many dates involved going to pubs or restaurants that accepted dogs or just took walks outside.

On the plus side, you were always more in shape when you dated him on account of all the walking.  And that love he had for his dog  extended to the other people he cared about in his life, including you.

The club bunny

 How does somebody have that much energy? Physically how can somebody go clubbing almost every weekend and still get up for work on a Monday morning?  Answers on a postcard please.

You understood it at university or in your younger days, but keeping up with this guy was near on impossible. When this guy wasn’t at the club or with you, he always seemed to be planning his next night out or trip to Ibiza. He was amazing at planning parties though and talk about a real laugh on a night out. That is when he wasn’t demanding attention on himself in the middle of the dance floor, or on those podiums.

The ‘next big thing’

There’s a reason why this guy was so theatrical. He was adamant he was going to be the next big actor, following in the footsteps of Sir Ian McKellen or Matt Bomer, depending on how seriously he took himself.

He was forever booking tickets to what I seemed to be ‘odd’ or surreal plays for the both of us and used the excuse ‘…but i’m an actor, this is part of my work…‘ in arguments or reasons for ever cancelling plans. Despite that, his theatrical nature led to an extremely fun if not slightly random side and watching him perform in plays no matter how big or small has given me amazing memories.

More guys we dated in our 20’s



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Guys we dated in our 20’s part 2

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