National Student Pride – #LetsTalkAboutSex

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National Student Pride (NSP) wants to invite YOU to talk about sex!

It can often be a bit of an awkward topic.  So this year NSP are inviting you and social media lovers and influencers everywhere to film a ‘Sex Confession’ – and stick a ‘hard one up‘ to that taboo.

What is it about sex that you want to talk about? Good sex, bad sex, cringey sex… Sex on a boat. Sex on a plane? Whatever your story, they want to hear it!

Don’t be shy! Tell them everything… Short stories, ideas about sex, tips, tricks. ALL THE SEX!!!

The more cringe worthy and taboo, the better! Grab your camera and get shooting…

Need some ideas to get you started? How about these juicy topics…

Tasted your own sperm?
Have you ever had sexcident?
What’s one of your favourite kinks?
Did Mum ever walk in on you?



The Terrence Higgins Trust ‘End The Silence‘ report about Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) revealed that 95% of people weren’t taught about LGBT+ relationships in school, and 97% weren’t taught about gender identity.

Around 40% of schools have to deliver some form of SRE but shouldn’t that be 100%? Doesn’t everyone need to learn about love, sex and consent?

This year at National Student Pride, the pride event based around conversation, our theme is #LetsTalkAboutSex and they’re asking you to help start a national discussion about sex.

How can you help?

1. Post your sex confession to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – Wherever your audience is, tell them a story about sex – or why you think it’s time to ‘End The Silence’ on Sex Education.

2. Nominate a friend to take part too. It’s all about spreading the word!

3. Name check National Student Pride, the first Pride of the year at the end of LGBT History Month, 24th-26th of February at the University of Westminster. Free for all to attend with a careers fairs, performances and panels. Plus £5 for a wristband for a weekend of nights out in G-A-Y Heaven and drinks deals
right across Soho.

4. Tweet @StudentPride and let us know where to find the link.


Do it now, or schedule a video between the 15th and 24th February.



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