tom daley

Should the media leave Tom Daley alone?

UK Olympic Medallist Tom Daley rocked the headlines when he announced in a YouTube video that he was dating… a man.

Since then, the media has been sniffing around trying to find his other half.

Reactions have been mixed – some saying that coming out is hard enough without the media prying in to your private life. And others claiming that Tom Daley is a public figure and we’re entitled to this information.

So we’re going to settle that can of worms with a poll – what do you think?

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  1. Ste.Brighton says:

    but never gonna happen = once you make announcements you court such controversy
    Just his way of controlling stopping people profiting out of his news
    Shame media are “sniffing around trying to find his other half”, but what can you expect

  2. Marc Roberts says:

    They should leave him alone, as long as he is happy with his relationship, what’s the problem? Just because the other guy is older, so what, age should not come into it. The media should learn to grow up and show people some respect in their private lives. Finding something else to report on, concentrate on things like hate crime and sexual abuse, leave people alone to get on with their private lives.

  3. martin smith says:



  4. Mindyourownbusiness says:

    Tom might be a ‘public figure’ but that doesn’t give the public the right to know and invade his private life. At the same time…why did Tom feel it necessary to announce he is dating a man on YouTube? Clearly he wants the info to be out there. Still doesn’t give every gossip hungry busy body the right to know everything about his private life. He’s a fellow human being and I’m sure you all wouldn’t want the world to know about your fantasies, kinks and sexual desires.

  5. mark says:

    leave the poor guy alone and let him live his life

  6. Anthony says:

    Tom Choose to come out via you tube and let people know of his sexuality. I would imagine that he would have be well advised not to have done. Unfortunately, now that he has made known to the whole his sexuality it’s almost certainly a case of the camera watching your every move and who your are going to be seen out and about with. You name it, it’s going to be endless. Whereas he could have sat on the fence and denied it until such time as he was much older and perhaps wiser. But now that his has. All we can do is wish him the best

  7. Fred says:

    Public figure or not, his private life is just that. PRIVATE!!!!!!! Leave him alone.

  8. johnie says:

    its noones business if hes gay or not, why is the press even reporting it? hes gay – big deal! lots are, next!
    streaight people dont have to make an anouncment they are streight so why do gay people?

  9. Greg says:

    I think tasteful shots of Tom appearing regularly on media platforms is totally acceptable. If the media are going to try publishing shots of Tom and his (very lucky) partner then they ‘tastefully’ obscure the boyfriend from the shots so that we can just focus on Tom’s gorgeousness!

  10. Joe says:

    When you’re in the public eye the scumbag tabloids doorstep you, your friends and your family, they follow you round in cars with photographers hanging out windows…they lie to your friends and family, pretending to be friends just to get quotes which they then distort…until it’s happened to you you don’t know what it’s like to be hounded by the press.

    I suspect Tom Daley was about to be outed by these scumbag parasites and beat them to it…well done, Tom and all best wishes for your happiness.

    The age gap between him and his partner is only the business of him and his partner, comments about any inter-generational relationships smack of homophobia, even from homosexuals.

  11. silveroscar says:

    yes, they should leave him alone. it must have been quite an emotional journey for him to accept himself, then announce it to the world. we all already knew of course (bless him). I wish him every happiness. he is a young hero.

  12. STEVE says:

    leave the guy alone let him be happy with his life.xx

  13. tony says:

    he is still young and has alot on his plate and should be able to carry on with his life as he likes

  14. James says:

    I’m thinking that it’s none of our business and he should be left alone. I think it’s a good idea for him to come out because it raises awareness for the younger generations that here is an actual Olympian, who is a national treasure, telling the world that he is probably gay and that this is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. My younger nieces and nephews have much more of a tolerance of people that are ‘not like them’ than most adults today; it just simply isn’t an issue for them – they don’t care. Thankfully, I think it will be a fairly short number of years before anything outside of ‘the norm’ will be considered as such. I love the fact that this is a planet with many, many variables of human beings and welcome the diversity of humanity. The only question that we should ever be asking is “is this person treating others how they would want to be treated themselves?” – the only time we should get involved is if the answer is ‘no’.

  15. tigger50 says:

    He is either very media savvy or has great advice – by telling his ‘story’ he’s cut the filth press off at the knees. The focus will now be to get a picture of him on the scene or with a guy (any guy). The media have been caught out and have had to resort to dragging out every old queen with a view to have their say. HIs sponsors must be very happy – he’s had 4mill hits and counting. He’s young, fit and a looker and still only 19 – he’s got a long life ahead so lets all hope he can live a normal life with whoever he wants to.

  16. Yodé Olubajo says:

    Always great when celebrities come out of the closet because it encourages many people young or old to come out too and live their lives.. However, I’m not happy about the Daley mentioning that he “still likes girls..” That is weak and does not help one bit…Nevertheless, good luck to him..

  17. Neil says:

    I’ve spent most of today viewing his interview and comments of others on YouTube and the overall consensus was that he has a lot of support for his announcement from all over the World! He is a very intelligent and talented young man and knew the furore that he would create when he made the announcement! There were, however, a lot of ‘Trolls’ and religious nutters on there who were only too happy to issue their threats and homophobic opinions to the debate and, I managed to state my own opinion to their disgusting and negative comments. This is to be expected on my part as I was born in Plymouth and he comes from that beautiful city but the attacks against his late father and other members of his family should not be tolerated so I managed to report any abusive and threatening comments to the staff at YouTube to help to make his life easier! Good luck to him in all of his future endeavours, whether they be of a sporting nature or a private one and I believe that we as a Nation ( not as a minority group ) should listen to his fans and supporters around the World and give him all the support that he deservedly needs for this act of bravery! I know for a fact that there are a lot of teenagers around this country and throughout the World who are afraid to do what he’s done and I hope that we can support them equally as well!

  18. Nige says:

    It wont happen, but they should just leave him alone. Its unfortunate that people in the public eye have to suffer this level of intrusion into their private lives. They are people after all, they have lives away from the media. They have a right to their privacy just the same as anyone else does. I applaud him for taking this decision. It took guts and lots of them. I for one hope the man in his life treats him right and that they are both fabulously happy together. Given time the media who-har will probably die down a little, but I think there will always be some element of intrusion into his life now. Hope they are both strong enough to weather it and I wish them both all love, success and happiness.

  19. Te says:

    Well he should have been fully prepared for all the consequences that follow his coming out :)

  20. tony kent says:

    i am a male of 34 and not as you say gay, right i like a body of a male that good tom has a body most men wish for . that said he is human has a life and his business hes and should be who we love sleep with is our business and shouls be, why do people think because a man is gay we hount him as he is in public field, we all have a right to our private lifes regards less of who we ae

    tom lost his dad a few yrs ago and need to be at peace with his world

    tom good luck to you

    tony i still love y mate ok love is a way of fondness ok x

  21. anson94 says:

    I’ve only just come out as bisexual too and so I’m going through the same thing, and it is certainly hard enough without the added pressure of the media. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he belongs to society!! Let him alone!!

  22. Ben says:

    He obviously knows its an issue and chose the right time for him to ‘come out’. It’s 2013, and whether people like it or not, public figures’ private lives sell news papers. It’s a fact of life, and no poll is going to change that. Not that I agree with the way the press go about it, but without the press, these public figures wouldn’t be famous in the first place. Most young superstars get thrown back down to earth when the media has chewed them up one way or another. Let’s hope Tom is mature enough to brush media coverage off, and not let it affect him in his sport.

  23. Raymond Thornton says:

    Tom announcing he has a boyfriend is NOT worthy of news coverage any more than any other relationship story. When did any straight celebrity announce their sexuality? The notion of them doing it is absurd. I understand that’s important for celebrities to come out so that more and more people realise that there are people of all sexualities in all walks of life but really, compared to things like corrupt politicians, wars, etc who someone is sleeping with is just gossip not news. At the same time, I commend Tom for not being ashamed of his sexuality like so many others in the public spotlight.

  24. Viscount Raimondo de'Medici says:

    What i cannot understand about the media, especially the british media is…why in god’s name do they have to make such a big issue about these so called “celebraties” and profit from anything they can out of them….??? I have lived in the U.K. for these past 15years now , but thank god i have now moved away permanently ….during which time , i have seen and heard so much to make one realize how pathetic these media companies really are….!!! What this Tom Daley is doing and what his private life , should be and remain private , and its no ones business but his own really….and after all , do we really , really care what he is doing and with who he shares his bed with….??? No we don’t , cause its nothing to do with anybody’s business but Tom Daley himself….!! He seems like a nice guy , and yes he may have won a medal in the last Olympics , so what….? I am sure he values more his privacy than he does how dazzling his show case of medals shines……don’t you agree….?! I have no time for these so called celebraties…their lives are as strange and weird as the rest of the human race , if not worse , like those phoneys , the Beckhams……..!!!! Here in Italy , yes we do pride our share of celebraties , but we r most deffinately , not in the same catagory as the british ones are……..!!!!!

  25. Stephen says:

    Yes the media should leave him alone regarding his relationship indeed the media on the most part should leave peoples relationships alone. Let’s not be too naïve in regards as to Tom coming out, he decided to come out because the tabloids were already sniffing around and why give vile tabloids like The Sun their own exclusive printed money shot. British tabloids like The Sun and other tabloids in this country still enjoy outing others and sensationalising same sex relationships, because they still enjoy their homophobia to anything that is not page 3 tabloid world. Also it is shameful the way some in the gay community have been slating Tom about his status, his coming out and the fact his boyfriend is 20 years older than him. In some parts of the gay community ageism is getting so bitchy and nasty.

  26. Olly says:

    Tom Daley appeared on the Jonathan Ross show last night and looked to be in appreciation of the audience’s reaction to his coming out… Nobody can dispute what a brave decision it has been for him. I think Tom is a perfect role model and precisely what the sporting world needs with regard to a young, high-profile performer coming to terms with his sexuality. Without putting pressure on the lad, however If young Tom is comfortable with the manner in which the media address his stance we should all be thankful to him for the direction he has taken.

  27. James Brown says:

    He is public person but ,what we should respect is adult nice guy,mature,he’s living own life if is he happy,we should wish to him all the best,so leave him alone please!!!!!leave him alone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. mike says:

    The gutter press at it once again.Just leave the lad alone,he has harmed no one,just leading his life,as he has chosen.LEAVE HIM ALONE.


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