What is a Gaydar GI?

Gaydar‘s already a well-known and familiar brand around the world, we’ve been around for years, but some of you may not realise that we’re actually still a relatively small team of dedicated staff, who work very hard to keep Gaydar current. We know that there’s work to do, and so we’ve got some really exciting new features planned for the next 6 months which will make Gaydar even more simple and fun to use. Some of you may already be familiar with our Events Manager “Professional Underwear Model” Craig McCormack. We agree, he’s not bad on the eyes.

We send Craig all over the world attending events to say hello to members (and eat a few burgers along the way!). But super-human though Craig is, he’s only one man… and we want to start engaging more directly with our members, so that we can get much more feedback from you about what you like, and what you want us to improve and also keep you up to speed on what’s happening in our world…  Makes sense right? So to help us do that, we’re teaming up with some of the coolest guys around to be our eyes and ears on the ground in local cities around the world.  We’re calling them Gaydar G.I.s (Get Involved). You can trust them to give you all the local scene information, recounting their adventures and giving you insider knowledge in your city – because who doesn’t love a local’s perspective? They’ll also be helping us understand what YOU want from Gaydar, and how you want us to evolve, helping us keep the best gay dating and hook-up site in the world at the top-of our game. So over to them, we’re leaving you in the safe hands of…

London G.I – Jack Jefferson


Manchester G.I – Chriz Stidwell 

  1. Juan Oliver says:

    How does one get involved? :)

  2. cornel venter says:

    Great news! Call upon me if you need help in Cape Town.

  3. Roy Eveleigh says:

    A very biased approach. “we’re teaming up with some of the coolest guys around ” so far it looks like your only going for looks and popularity rather than sound knowledge and healthy advice… all your after is free walking adverts… go hire some models the queens can drool over.

    • Chriz says:

      Hey! I’m the Manchester GI…. They’re certainly not going off looks. I’m paying £30 a month gym membership for nothin, and I look a RIGHT mess on a Sunday morning!! I have 15 years knowledge of the Manchester gay scene, so I know my business. I’m not just a pretty face. In fact, I’m not even that!

  4. topguyxx on gaydar says:

    You could do a Apple and Andriod app similar to Grindr giving access to guys on line, events and gay venues in the area your in ,with a map showing your position in relation to them, at any one time,
    This is particularly useful to guys on holiday and travelling around. You could use GPS and the mobile signal for positioning.

  5. Martin says:

    Where are the regular images of regular people? I’m unsure if I want a muscle-bound soldier representing me or representing an appropriation of my sexuality far removed from what I actually find appealing about other human beings. It’s kind of scary and somewhat off-putting. Where are all the regular gay people – those who have a life outside body-image-obsession and who want to do something more interesting or mind-enriching with their time? Isn’t there more to gay men than this? Why are modern gay men reducing themselves to sex objects? It’s like feminism in reverse.


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