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National Student Pride 2017 Line Up

Kicking off on Friday 24th, National Student Pride (NSP)is only one week away! If you have been to NSP before, you’ll

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The little things to love in a relationship

When you get to the ‘comfortable silence‘ point in your relationship where just the company of your partner is enough.

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Gay Mardi Gras holiday ideas

Mardi Gras is the perfect time to get away and party it up in a city that comes to life

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Show the love

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing and showing the love. But at Gaydar, we don’t think that this day is

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Photo Guidelines and Ideas for the new Gaydar

If you haven’t heard yet, you’re soon going to have a NEW Gaydar site.   We haven’t just modified the existing

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National Student Pride – #LetsTalkAboutSex

National Student Pride (NSP) wants to invite YOU to talk about sex! It can often be a bit of an

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Gaydar Travel Planner

If there’s one thing we all do, it’s travel. Whether it’s to explore a new place, soak up the sun

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Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits. We’ve all seen the film right? Justin Timberlake *swoon* and Mila Kunis. If you haven’t seen it,

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part 2

Guys we dated in our 20’s part 1

The good, the bad, the coulda woulda shoulda’s… We all dated at least two of these guys in our early 20’s

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How To Master Small Talk

Making Small Talk Has Never Been Easy… Even the most confident social butterflies can struggle with small talk. Whether you’re

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The New Gaydar Chat

You asked for it, so we built it! Gaydar chat has always been a big part of the Gaydar community,

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National Student Pride 2017

Turning 12 this year, National Student Pride (NSP) returns to the British capital from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February.

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Updating Your Photos on Gaydar

When was the last time you updated your photos on your dating profile? Have you ever updated your photos on

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How do I know if my crush is gay?

Ah yes, the age old dilemma in the gay world. How are we meant to know if our crushes bat for

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Is he flirting with me?

What are the signs to look for if you think someone is flirting with with? Surely all signs of flirtation

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A Fresh Looking Gaydar Grid

One of the big differences you’ll notice about the new Gaydar (coming soon) is the updated homepage or as we’ll

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Bare the musical – Sydney

BARE the LGBT Musical – Back By Popular Demand! Due to popular demand, the dates for Bare the LGBT Musical

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Some Rules When Texting Your Major Crush

We all get to that point. You’ve exchanged countless messages back and forth online and the time has come to

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5 steps to creating a great dating profile

Photos Your profile photo is the window to your profile.  It’s what attracts others to click/tap to explore your profile

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Introducing the new Gaydar

Ready for 2017?  We are! 2016 has been A LOT of working behind the scenes to design, test and build

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